Show choir


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Show choir

  1. 1. SHOW CHOIR
  2. 2. HISTORY Originated in the United States in the mid 1960s. Groups such as The Young Americans(1962) and Up with People(1968) used to travel and perform. PBS broadcast the early years of the Luers Midwest Swing Choir Invitational, which led to international exposure and growth in show choir competitions around the country.
  3. 3. LOCATION Generally high school and college students. Show choir is growing more popular and expanding into middle schools and junior high schools.
  4. 4. TECHNICAL ASPECT Typically 30 to 60 people. Generally wear costumes that match the theme of the show. Stage makeup is used to make the face stand out. Facials are a must. Use of props can make the show more interesting.
  5. 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF A PERFORMANCE Shows consist of a variety of songs. Usually choreographed. Usually with an acapella (the secret to a good show) At least one soloist throughout the set. Generally seventeen minutes.
  6. 6. COMPETITIONS Schools gather together and compete. Can be small and local or large and statewide. Divided by skill level, size of the choir, and/or gender of the participants.
  7. 7. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Audition- Only students with acceptable singing and dancing ability can join. Generally a fee for wardrobe and travel is requested. Practice can be during classes, after school, or both. Hard work and dedication.
  8. 8. IN THE MEDIA TODAY Glee- Television series that focuses on a high school glee club Many newspapers and news networks wrote articles on the similarities and differences between Glee and real world show choir. In October 2010, Parade magazine featured an article centering around Waubonsie Valley High Schools "Sound Check" show choir, detailing similarities and differences to the nations top show choirs and Glee.
  9. 9. NOTABLE FORMER MEMBERS OF SHOW CHOIR Ashton Kutcher- TV/Film Blake Lively- Actress Jason Mraz- Singer Clay Aiken- American Idol Jenna Ushkowitz- Actress (Plays Tina Cohen- Chang in Glee)
  10. 10. SUMMARY Originated in the United States in the mid 1960s. (History) Generally high school and college students. (Location) Typically 30 to 60 people with costumes, stage makeup, and props. (Technical Aspect) A show is at least seventeen minutes with at least one soloist and an acapella piece. (Characteristics of a Performance)