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Product Management in India


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Introduction to product management in India. Useful for newcomers to product management, or for people moving into product management in India from overseas.

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Product Management in India

  1. 1. High-Tech. Product Management in India Website: Twitter: @desiprodmgr
  2. 2. Disclaimer• Views offered are my own• These are observations, not golden truths• Future trends are predictions, not facts• Product management dimensions can vary from firm to firm even in the same market or customer segment ©DesiProductManager
  3. 3. Overview• 4 Types of Product Managers in India• Product Management Dimensions• PM Recruitments in India• PM - Compensation Trends• Future of Product Management ©DesiProductManager
  4. 4. 4 Types of High Tech. PM Roles in India• Enterprise Software Firms – Market facing (India, APJ) • Dell, HP, Tally, IBM – Offshore R&D Centers (mainly supporting US) • Microsoft, IBM, CA Technologies, Oracle, Cisco• Consumer/Web Software, Apps, VAS Firms – Market facing (India, APJ) • Google India,, Amazon, Dell, Onmobile – Offshore R&D Centers • Adobe, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, NokiaNote: some firms offer all work profiles. There are many startups offering roles in allof these categories. ©DesiProductManager
  5. 5. Dimensions of Product Management• Product Requirements • Competitive Analysis• Use Cases, User Stories • Budgeting/Financial Analysis• Pricing and Costing, P&L • Project Management• UX/Usability Testing • System Architecture & Design• Market Research/Surveys • Statements Of Work• Strategy Formulation • Sales Support, Pre-sales• Customer Interviews • Industry Analyst Interactions• “Buy-Build-Partner” • Technology Research• Marketing Support • Win-Loss Analysis• Roadmap/Backlog • Product Trainings• UI Design, Wireframes • Product Demos• Usage Analytics ©DesiProductManager
  6. 6. Offshore Enterprise Product Management• Key Dimensions – Product Requirements – Use Cases, User Stories – “Buy-Build-Partner” – Marketing Support – Roadmap/Backlog – UI Design, Wireframes – Competitive Analysis – Project Management – System Architecture & Design – Sales Support, Pre-sales – Technology Research ©DesiProductManager
  7. 7. Offshore Consumer Product Management• Key Dimensions – Product Requirements – Use Cases, User Stories – UX/Usability Testing – Customer Interviews – Roadmap/Backlog – UI Design, Wireframes – Usage Analytics – Competitive Analysis – Project Management – Technology Research – Product Demos ©DesiProductManager
  8. 8. Market Facing Enterprise Product Management• Key Dimensions – Product Requirements – Pricing and Costing, P&L – Market Research/Surveys – Strategy Formulation – “Buy-Build-Partner” – Marketing Support – Competitive Analysis – Budgeting/Financial Analysis – Statements Of Work – Sales Support, Pre-sales – Industry Analyst Interactions – Win-Loss Analysis – Product Trainings – Product Demos ©DesiProductManager
  9. 9. Market Facing Consumer Product Management• Key Dimensions – Use Cases, User Stories – UX/Usability Testing – Market Research/Surveys – Customer Interviews – Marketing Support – UI Design, Wireframes – Usage Analytics – Competitive Analysis – Project Management – Product Demos ©DesiProductManager
  10. 10. PM Recruitments In India• These 4 firms require PMs with vastly different skills sets• All 4 kinds of product managers are recruited in India today• Active recruitments in offshore roles is totally dependent on budget availability in the US and relative maturity of local organization• A PM with a technical background, MBA and relevant experience is easily able to transition between these different roles• Knowing people at your target firm is very important for getting an interview ©DesiProductManager
  11. 11. PM – Compensation Trends• Compensation offered is in line with the local market conditions for each firm• High paying US consumer internet firms also pay the most in India• High paying enterprise software firms in the US also pay similarly in India (exception: when the Indian PM reports to a PM in US)• Lowest salary is offered by startups, Indian market facing domestic firms in low margin businesses (e-commerce, VAS etc.)• MNCs operating in Indian market also offer competitive salaries ©DesiProductManager
  12. 12. Future of Product Management - I• As Indian market matures and firms grow in size, local market PMs will be in high demand• There are very few Director-PM roles in offshore organizations, this will continue for the near term• Growth prospects in the PM role are limited in offshore organizations, they offer most opportunity for relocation overseas• Offshore PM roles are likely to remain one- dimensional, mainly about product development• Many offshore PMs are likely to return to US or move back to engineering roles ©DesiProductManager
  13. 13. Future of Product Management - II• Head of Products will remain a top management role in the Indian market, MBA a must• Cloud, Analytics and UX Design will remain key skills for successful PMs• Pricing and strategic analysis will remain with PMs in Indian market facing firms• Lateral movements into PM roles will continue to be from Business Development Manager (BDM) and Software Engineering roles ©DesiProductManager
  14. 14. Connect With Us• Blog:• Twitter: @DesiProdMgr• Email: ©DesiProductManager