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Factory powerpoint


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Factory powerpoint

  1. 2. t This presentation showcases the Factory™ Salon’s current and upcoming hair care programs. During this presentation you will come to the realization that the Factory™ Salon.... So, here it goes…check this out!
  2. 3. The Factory™ Salon has discarded the traditional booth rental salon business model. Instead, each of our stylists is an employee of the Factory™. This promotes an atmosphere of cooperation & teamwork. It’s not the “fend-for-yourself” type of production of which the independent booth rentals are accustomed. Rather, a cohesive team of stylists & salon personnel cooperate to provide you with the Highest Quality Salon Services on the market. The Business Owner mentality is not lost in this new business model. Each stylist and salon representative is encouraged to take ownership of the salon’s vision and core principals: TEAMWORK, CLIENT SERVICE, CONTINUING EDUCATION
  3. 4. Let’s move forward and discuss some exciting new additions to our product lines and services!
  4. 5. Bumble and bumble was founded as a New York City hair salon in 1977 by hairdresser and entrepreneur Michael Gordon. Bumble and bumble is widely known as the authority in professional hair care and styling products – developed by hairdressers, for hairdressers. The Factory Salon is now the EXCLUSIVE salon in Rapid City to carry Bumble & Bumble products!
  5. 6. Aveda Corporation is a company headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota, that manufactures skin care, cosmetics, perfume, hair care products, and trains students in cosmetology and esthiology at the Aveda Institutes in Minneapolis, New York City, Washington, DC, Calgary, Toronto and many other cities. Aveda produces Eco-concious products ranging from skin care to hair care, using the finest natural elements. The Factory™ carries a full line of AVEDA products!
  6. 7. Sassoon has one of the top training methods for stylists around the world. The stylists at the Factory™ are trained in the Sassoon method!
  7. 8. No other salon in Rapid City or the surrounding area has implemented this type of service. At the Factory™, we strive to create new & exciting services that will make your experience more convenient!
  8. 9. Our Passport is a great combined service for new clients. For only $59 you get over $300 worth of salon services and you can even buy one for 2 of your friends at 1/2 price. Along with the salon services, you’ll receive some great deals at downtown Rapid City businesses. To learn more about this product, ask a Factory™ Salon representative!
  9. 10. Through continuing education we become masters of our trade. Through teamwork, we embody efficiency and are unified in our goals. We build each other up with positive influences and we tear down the traditional walls of business which have become out-dated and ineffective. The traditional salon methods have fallen to the wayside as we PIONEER new systems that are… … REVOLUTIONIZING THE SALON INDUSTRY.