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DesignThinkers Service Design Method

DesignThinkers assists Public and Private organizations and companies in delivering the best possible service. We help them to be more innovative and competitive. To do so we created a 5 Steps Service Innovation Method. This Method is used as a guide while working on complex Service Design projects.

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DesignThinkers Service Design Method

  1. DT designthinkers
  2. DT SERVICE = “any activity or benefit that one party can give to another, that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything” (Philip Kotler) designthinkers
  3. DT SERVICE = an intangible product we experience in time through multiple touch-points and channels designthinkers
  4. DT SERVICE DESIGN = designing and arranging the interaction between service provider and end-user with the use of creative processes and methods designthinkers
  5. DT OUR GOAL designing innovative systems so our clients can deliver the best possible services designthinkers
  7. DT 1 DISCOVERING / business a research into: > organisations characteristics and goals > vision, mission, culture > existing services (blueprint/ systems) > KPI’s, emotional KPI’s designthinkers
  8. DT 1 DISCOVERING / business a research into: > context (stakeholders) > benchmarking designthinkers
  9. DT 1 DISCOVERING / business DELIVERABLE > context map > examples from the market designthinkers
  10. DT 1 DISCOVERING / experience a research into: > customer journey > experiences from end-users and front office personal > social space (ethnographic fieldwork) designthinkers
  11. DT 1 DISCOVERING / experience DELIVERABLE > mapping customer journey and all touch-points > analyses and recommendations designthinkers
  12. DT 2 CONCEPTING > developing ideas together with end-users and client (interviews, brainstorms, workshops) > prototyping > moodboard designthinkers
  13. DT 2 CONCEPTING DELIVERABLE > tested service concept > visual concept designthinkers
  14. DT 3 DESIGNING > touchpoints (website, locations etc.) > service system
  15. DT 3 DESIGNING DELIVERABLE > service blueprint (a detailed service system) > look-and-feel
  16. DT 4 BUILDING > building all touchpoints (platform, physical locations, media, training people) > organising designthinkers
  17. DT 4 BUILDING > developing marketing/ communication strategy designthinkers
  18. DT 4 BUILDING DELIVERABLE > processes/organisation tested and ready for implementation > marketing/ communication strategy designthinkers
  19. DT 5 IMPLEMENTING > opening the shop > inviting everyone in designthinkers
  20. DT 5 IMPLEMENTING DELIVERABLE > happy customers > highly competitive service organisation designthinkers
  21. DT < G IN IM ER PL OV EM C IS D EN TI NG < < G EPTIN BUIL C DIN N < CO G < DES IGNING designthinkers
  22. DT designthinkers