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What was the question again? A nostalgic look back at "The Year of the Internet of Things"


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Talk given at an internet of things meetup in Antwerp on December 4th 2014.

Published in: Design
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What was the question again? A nostalgic look back at "The Year of the Internet of Things"

  1. 1. What was the question again? A nostalgic look at “The Year of the Internet of Things”. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch
  2. 2. About me Director of designswarm a consultancy focusing on strategy, product design and building communities in the internet of things. Designing and manufacturing the Good Night Lamp. Former founder & CEO of Tinker London the first UK distributor of the Arduino.
  3. 3. If the internet of things is the answer, what was the question?
  4. 4. Where are we now?
  5. 5. Acquisitions Google > Nest Oculus Rift > Facebook Thingworx > PTC Smart Things > Samsung Neul > Huawei
  6. 6. and deaths Little Printer / bergcloud Nabaztag Holiday lights
  7. 7. Mature businesses (5 years +) Glowcaps Ambient Devices Sonos
  8. 8. Startups Thousands of ideas, and sometimes companies. on crowdfunding sites Hundreds of startups in incubators such as Highway1, Haxlr8r, RGA, Jlab, Cognicity, TechPeaks, Reply Breed, StartupBootcamp
  9. 9. Financing Risk averse investors are only supporting startups who can survive past their first production run & already generating profits.
  10. 10. Books Designing the internet of things UX in the Internet of things Enchanted Objects
  11. 11. Rebranded business products IT Infrastructure Asset Management Building automation
  12. 12. Platforms! Too many to name, or care about.
  13. 13. If the internet of things is the answer, what was the question?
  14. 14. Why should normal people care about the internet of things?
  15. 15. Help make decisions about invisible experiences. Environmental monitoring.
  16. 16. Learn in new ways. Encourage children to learn & build things
  17. 17. Care from anywhere. Embedded, easy to use elderly & pet care.
  18. 18. Enhance health services. Using technology to better our relationships with health problems and health professionals.
  19. 19. Let’s make sure the internet of things isn’t…
  20. 20. Hiding intentions behind a lifestyle product.
  21. 21. Shoving internet connectivity where it doesn’t belong.
  22. 22. Creating socially-awkward situations.
  23. 23. Replacing human skills.
  24. 24. Not the intranet of things
  25. 25. New Year’s resolutions Don’t worry about the things you don’t need to worry about right now It isn’t about data if noone uses your product. It is about data if they do for long enough. Being responsible about product design solutions should be mandatory. Testing things out with normal people isn’t an option.
  26. 26. Bedankt. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch