What does an internet of things business look like?


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For KTN IOT workshop at the Museum of Brands on June 28th 2011

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What does an internet of things business look like?

  1. 1. What a creative iot businesslooks likeAlexandra Deschamps-SonsinoRIG London // designswarm.com@iotwatch
  2. 2. About pageB.A. Industrial DesignM.A. Interaction DesignWeb design for advertising & startupsCEO of Tinker London 2007-2010Consultant & Partner at RIG LondonEvangelist for EU robotics project Lirec
  3. 3. AgendaWhat does an iot business do?What does an iot business look like?What does it mean for funding?
  4. 4. What does an iot business do?Concept workProduct & Interface designOpen-source hardware (Arduino)Manufacturing in the UK & ChinaOne-offs & small industrial batchesProducts with web connectivityProducts with social web livesFor advertising, product providers & R&DSupport
  5. 5. Who runs an iot business?It takes a particular typeof creative business to makeiot happen at scale.
  6. 6. Traditional industrial designerswith web development capabilityand enough turnover to dealwith mass manufacturing.
  7. 7. Traditional advertising agencieswith prototyping capabilityand clients that will dealwith future manufacturing.
  8. 8. Established web companieswith prototyping capabilityand enough turnover to dealwith some manufacturing.
  9. 9. Product startups who raise moneyto deal with mass manufacturing.
  10. 10. Digital consultancieswho makethings as internal projects/PR.
  11. 11. So what?
  12. 12. iot is not a technologicalchallenge per sewifi / 3G / GPS /Zigbee / Bluetooth / RFIDNFC / Networks
  13. 13. iot is a design challengeiot is a market challengeiotis a comms challengeiot is a business challenge
  14. 14. iot is a challenge of technologicalcomplexity.
  15. 15. Supporting different businessecologies & new types ofrelationshipsRethinking financial modelsBeyond one offs.
  16. 16. Thank you! Merci! Grazie!Alexandra Deschamps-SonsinoRIG London // designswarm.com@iotwatch