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The Smart City Decision Problem


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Presented at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona on November 13th 2012.

Published in: Design
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The Smart City Decision Problem

  1. The Smart Citydecision problem.
  2. Internet of things entrepreneur, designer &curator.CEO of Tinker London the first distributor ofthe Arduino in the UK from 2007 – 2010.Organiser of the Cosm #iotlondon meetup(900 members)Founder of the Good Night Lamp.
  3. Smart X ContextYes No
  4. Define smart?1.Understand users & their state2.Understand context3.Grow old gracefully4.Learn to forget5.Adapt
  5. Smart spacesTemporarysmartness
  6. Hosted in a media studies college24 different spaces over 7 floors 1000 + attendees
  7. Temporary smartness means:A mix of: • technology • storytelling • signage • letting people shape a space.
  8. SmarthomesBespokeproducts
  9. Homesense 6 homes across Europe3 months to make their home smart
  10. Homesense KitArduino, sensors & book Local support
  11. Measuring light levels and switchingthe power off at the source.
  12. Singing pumpkin for the kids
  13. A cup that lets you know you shouldhave tea break.
  14. Lets you know you are being tooloud for the neighbours.
  15. Bespoke smartness means: • Niche applications • Enjoyable user experiences • Hard to scale but the technology bricks are already there
  16. SmartproductsPlatformproducts
  17. Good Night Lamp is a network ofinternet-connected lamps.A Big Lamp triggers Little Lamps toturn on anywhere in the world.
  18. For your mom.
  19. For your daughter.
  20. For your partner.
  21. Platform products mean: • Open applications • Cheaper, more scalable products • Unknown marketplace for now.
  22. Smart X ContextYes No
  23. Graciè