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The road is wider than long


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The road is wider than long

  1. 1. @iotwatch
  2. 2. Before 2007 most of the early internet of things ideas were genuinely screen-less.
  3. 3. Now the mobile phone is a middle man for everyday products.
  4. 4. And objects become gateways to a mobile experience. SmartStones / Nivea armband
  5. 5. The rise of wearables
  6. 6. Behaviour becomes visible, traceable, perhaps understandable. Jawbone
  7. 7. We become “things” Measurable entities.
  8. 8. I use Energy (British Gas / Hive) water (Thames Water) food (Nectar points / Visa) I willingly generate social media posts (Tw/Fb) Location (iPhone, CCTV, Uber) calls/texts (Vodafone)
  9. 9. We all suffer from “Consumer Privacy Myopia” Death of Privacy , A Michael Froomkin, 2000
  10. 10. So we went from creepy Ankle tracker for law enforcement.
  11. 11. To “fun” in just a few years Kidzon by LG
  12. 12. Using fashion to sell. Ringly / Kovertdesigns
  13. 13. Keeping track of you from birth. Sproutling
  14. 14. Getting us used to sharing so much data other industries can benefit from it.
  15. 15. Data will be stigma.
  16. 16. Degrading the poorest “the warnings the devices emit — beeps that become more persistent as the due date for the loan payment approaches — are seen by some borrowers as more degrading than helpful”
  17. 17. Rewarding us for gaming.
  18. 18. Until …
  19. 19. Security & user experience hell Kodak picture frame, Fitbit 1st generation, baby monitors & fridges have all been hacked.
  20. 20. But there is still space for unpredictability
  21. 21. Dissent
  22. 22. And using our data to our advantage
  23. 23. A Global fragmented conversation Hardware Connectivity Battery life Standards Privacy Security Things
  24. 24. When really the Internet of Things is when you care about everything. Product Data User experience
  25. 25. Understanding people matters to product development.
  26. 26. Long-term usage is our responsibility when heavy materials are in the mix.
  27. 27. And sometimes really the answer isn’t hardware. LG smart fridge / Pntry app by designswarm
  28. 28. Global Players are also figuring it out.
  29. 29. But they shouldn’t be the only ones educating us.
  30. 30. Build a universal language for consumer connectivity.
  31. 31. Where does your responsibility lie? Advertising Product development Retail After care service Maintenance Data provision Upgrades Data storage Data protection
  32. 32. Give poeple a way to make money. Amazon & eBay let me make money from my old stuff. Can Google help me make money from my data?
  33. 33. @iotwatch