THe power of Postcards


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A talk for Papercamp 2

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  • Hey Alexandra, if u like postcards and you've not seen it -
    worth checking out Martin Parr's book/collection.
    (I managed to pick up the 330p exhibition book for £15 in an East London bookshop the other week!)
    Fascinating stuff.
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THe power of Postcards

  1. 1. Wish you were here. xoxo e power of postcards. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (
  2. 2. I collect postcards I don’t send.
  3. 3. Of places I’ve been to.
  4. 4. Places I’ve been to, in ways I haven’t seen them.
  5. 5. In formats I can’t even send.
  6. 6. e postcard that started it all
  7. 7. Montréal Musée d’Art Contemporain (2003)
  8. 8. Birthday postcard from @kaeru Hayward gallery Magritte museum CSM Photography Show Tate Modern
  9. 9. Non entirely inaccurate historical facts (from the internet)
  10. 10. Photography as a term emerged in 1839.
  11. 11. Photography as a term emerged in 1839. e rst photography-illustrated postcard was invented by Dominique Piazza in August 1891.
  12. 12. e event of the century. Were you there?
  13. 13. Lipman’s cards e original card consisted of a simple design: a few lines for an address a stamp box the copyright date choice of three di erent colors is card was marketed as an easy way to stay in touch with family & a cheap means of advertising. None of these cards were ever used to anyone’s knowledge.
  14. 14. e French, during a period of 40 years (1878 - 1917) could send a 5 word post cards for 5 cents.
  15. 15. “Picture-postcard setting” an idealised view of happiness
  16. 16. Anonymity is built in
  17. 17. Digital Intimacies (Aaron Straup Cope is a genius)
  18. 18. to&fro (2008)
  19. 19. Postcards from the future.
  20. 20. Postcards are reverse gra ti
  21. 21. Postcards are the original Twitter & geo mashup
  22. 22. (Me and @benburry might be working on this.)
  23. 23. (I suggest you keep an eye on
  24. 24. ( ere is nothing there yet)