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The Good Home, an introduction.

We're looking for contributors and partners for the London Design Festival and Spring 2017.

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The Good Home, an introduction.

  1. 1. The Good Home Introduction @GoodHomeProject
  2. 2. The Good Home Design-led & technology-enabled exploration of the future of home living.
  3. 3. Who is behind this? Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (London) Product & interaction designer specialised in connected product & service design. Peter Bihr (Berlin) Digital strategy, event curator & publishing.
  4. 4. Project values Networked Communal Interdependant Participatory Readable Open Humble Adaptable Hackable Diverse Resilient Respectful Sustainable Local Careful Provocative Post-capitalistic Constructively critical
  5. 5. Process Pick a time / location / context Choose a theme Work with local contributors Exhibit & organise public workshops Expose the work as much as possible
  6. 6. The Good Home 1 Mozilla Festival in November 2015 Hosted by BBC Homelab Our theme: The Kitchen Contributors: The Incredible Machine & Cyberduck 2 days of workshops & discussions Workshops: •  Gender dynamics in kitchen design •  Interface design for the home •  Kitchen design and families •  Low carbon eating
  7. 7. The Good Home 2 Milan Furniture Fair April 2016 Hosted by Mikamai Our theme: Data & the home Contributors: Mozilla IoT Studio, Studio Dott, Johanna Nicenboim & Casa Jasmina 4 days of exhibition & workshops Workshops: •  Data privacy & the home •  Connected product design.
  8. 8. The Good Home 2 Ideas developed & presented •  Extendables •  Recipes •  Privacy Dimmer •  Data Totem •  Connected Birdcage •  Home Sweet •  Trickle
  9. 9. The Good Home 3 London Design Festival in September 2016 1 week of workshops & discussions Looking for a host Looking for contributors Our theme: Sustainability
  10. 10. The Good Home 4 Spring 2017 in New Zealand 1 week of workshops & discussions Looking for a host Looking for contributors Our theme: Rural development