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Talking to young girls


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Talk given at the Girl Geek Dinners on July 10th 2013.

Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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Talking to young girls

  1. 1. I am a designer.
  2. 2. Disclaimer: I am vaguely proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, little else.
  3. 3. I am an accidental geek.
  4. 4. Tinker London 2007-2010 Good Night Lamp March 2012 First UK distributor of the Arduino R&D projects for corporates A family of internet-connected lamps. IDII 2004-2006
  5. 5. Arduino Raspberry Pi LinuxArduino IDE (Java-like)
  6. 6. Learning is a community
  7. 7. Communities are a process of cristalization
  8. 8. 2005…
  9. 9. 2012…
  10. 10. This is the perfect time to get involved.
  11. 11. The community is human-sized
  12. 12. The Internet of Things
  13. 13. Good Night Lamp
  14. 14. Little Printer
  15. 15. CubeSensors
  16. 16. “Smart Drop”
  17. 17. Energy monitors
  18. 18. Green Goose
  19. 19. Molly
  20. 20. How do you get this? Entrepreneurial Technically-savvy Fearless Multi-disciplinary Young women
  21. 21. Entrepreneurial Funded projects, internships, apprentice schemes, ways for young people to engage with industry are crucial. Collaborate with Makerspaces/Tech Shops/ FabLabs/Hackspaces when there’s no money. Go to them, don’t ask them to come over. Let them see the tools of the trade in action.
  22. 22. <strong>Technically-savvy</strong> Young people understand social media, but don’t necessarily understand the web & how it’s built or how to code. We need codeclubs for all ages, not just the young. We need to make engineering attractive and not associated with coal mines.
  23. 23. Fearless Tech City & other tech startup memes make Iteration & failure more acceptable. We need to remove the stigma of failure in the same way we teach children to keep failing until they get it right. We don’t have to be perfect.
  24. 24. Multi-disciplinarity New industries develop when other people’s languages are understood and collaboration happens. A designer working with an engineer. Young people will have to understand that different languages mean different worlds & be encouraged to work with others from other schools, older students, younger students or remotely with other countries.
  25. 25. Young women Traditional industry is being eroded by the role of technology & automation. What is a 16 year old going to do if she quits school? She can Google her way into a career if she been told she can.
  26. 26. The role of schools An environment for intense collaboration. An environment where you can ask questions and Google the answers. An environment where you can build your own answers. An environment where you can see industry from a safe distance.
  27. 27. The role of schools A career engaging in computing can come from outside of computer science. Talking to Oxbridge about the role of technology for the future. These are not soft skills. Educating parents about the role of technology courses in the future of their child.
  28. 28. This is a fashion student.
  29. 29. Thank you. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch on twitter