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Objects may be closer than they appear


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Talk given at the BLN IOT 14 conference in Cambridge on April 15th 2014.

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Objects may be closer than they appear

  1. 1. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Lessons from 10 years of #iot @iotwatch / @GNLteam /
  2. 2. CEO of Tinker London 2007-2010 Good Night Lamp 2012- designswarm 2011-
  3. 3. Don’t waste time with definitions Human-Computer Interaction Ubiquitous computing / ubicomp blogjects Internet of things Smart (insert noun) Internet of Everything Industrial Internet Wearables Connected products Lesson 1
  4. 4. Litmus test?
  5. 5. The forbidden apple of crowd-funding A convenient way for investors to ignore you early on (you may not need them anyway) A quick way to do market research. Not a replacement for real PR. You become part of a market, people want to make money from you as an entrepreneur. Lesson 2
  6. 6. You are educating investors. Early days for investors who have been investing in web for over 15 years. Most tech investors focusing on industrial / B2B Consumer-focused investments are led by US (Foundry Group/Tech Stars) Lesson 3
  7. 7. Aqui-hires are a trend Nest & OR make for poor examples of success in #iot Larger problems such as distribution & retailing of smart products will need to be solved by companies who stick at it. 2 years developing a product isn’t long enough. Lesson 4
  8. 8. Surround yourself with experts Supply chain & retail are known skillsets but are different communities Electronics engineering isn’t easy to find & is expensive but will help design something scalable A 20 something or a graduate can’t help you with either. Lesson 5
  9. 9. Pace yourself Incubators & accelerators are often too short & shouldn’t put you off your course. It takes 3 years to really be known in all markets but also be boring to some. Decide if you’re a one product company or a products company. (Lava Lamp vs Apple) Lesson 6
  10. 10. Try not to move to Silicon Valley Silicon Valley doesn’t have as much engineering & marketing as the UK but it has some money. Open a sales office there. Go to CES / SXSW / XOYO / FooCamp Lesson 7
  11. 11. You’re not alone. #iotlondon has 2.7K members Retailers interested in new ideas (JLab) Angel funding will catch up Lesson 8
  12. 12. Good luck. Lessons from 10 years of #iot @iotwatch / @GNLteam /