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Make little, Make often: ideas for the future of UK manufacturing


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Talk given at Made North in Liverpool on February 21st 2012.

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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Make little, Make often: ideas for the future of UK manufacturing

  1. 1. Make little,Make often.Ideas for the future of UK manufacturingAlexandra
  2. 2. The nostalgia of making. Gustave Caillebotte
  3. 3. The nostalgia of industrialisation? Photo by Lewis Hine
  4. 4. Making isa.  The act of one that makes.b. The process of coming into beingc.  The means of gaining success or realizing potentiald. The abilities or qualities needed for development.
  5. 5. The realities of making now. Photo by Matt Biddulph
  6. 6. For half of makers (50%), craft was a secondcareer.88% of makers are sole traders.
  7. 7. Net profits remain modest and a significantminority of makers feel they lack the generalbusiness skills they need to grow, especially inmarketing.Craft sales remain locally focused, with limitedexports.
  8. 8. Makers reported moderate declines in their mainselling channels, especially gallery and exhibitionssales, and a shift towards online sales, though thesewere still relatively small.Around 30% of makers were selling through theirown website, but only 3% were selling throughsocial media.
  9. 9. !"#$%&(
  10. 10. The other reality of making now. DOesLiverpool studio
  11. 11. Making powered by curiosity.
  12. 12. RepRap
  13. 13. Makerbots
  14. 14. Bre Pettris & Makerbot thing
  15. 15. From 1 to 100.(If you don’t want to quit your day job)
  16. 16. From 1 to 10 000.(If you want to quit your day jobtomorrow.)
  17. 17. There are plenty of opportunitiesfor manufacturing if itaccepts it needs to change.
  18. 18. From 1 to 1 000?(If you want to build a sustainablebusiness)
  19. 19. FRSTEEA snowman based on your Twitter data.
  20. 20. InitionRapid prototyping 0.1miles away.
  21. 21. Projects that could be made &funded here.
  22. 22. MakielabRapid prototyped dolls based on a virtual world.
  23. 23. BubblinoA bubble machine that listens to Twitter.
  24. 24. MollyA little robot that gives you sweets when you RT.
  25. 25. Little PrinterA little…printer.
  26. 26. BakertweetLets bakers tell the web what they’ve just baked.
  27. 27. Good Night LampFamily of connected lamps.
  28. 28. Making in the UK should meana.  Helping businesses digitise their servicesb. Helping businesses sell onlinec.  Encouraging local platforms (Folksy)d. Using the UK as a step to Chinae. Enable new makers to meet manufacturers
  29. 29. Making in the UK should meanf.  We need to rethink academia / training for makers.g.  We need to leverage our creative industriesj.  We need to rethink how we engage with digital products & platforms.
  30. 30. Thank youAlexandra