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#iot and marketing


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Talk given to Nico Macdonald's communication and design students at Ravensbourne College on May 2nd 2017.

Published in: Design
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#iot and marketing

  1. 1. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch on twitter/insta
  2. 2. First UK distributor of Arduino (
  3. 3. Know Cards: Learn about the basic elements of electronics
  4. 4. London Internet of Things meetup (
  5. 5. The Good Home: a collaborative exploration of future home living
  6. 6. Founder of Good Night Lamp
  7. 7. Internet of things How connectivity creates new product design and experience opportunities wearables home automation home security navigation personal safety environmental monitoring
  8. 8. Who creates these kinds of products? Startups, large appliance manufacturers, telcos, tech infrastructure companies
  9. 9. Who creates these kinds of products? Startups, large appliance manufacturers, telcos, tech infrastructure companies
  10. 10. Nobody agrees on what #iot means Which also means noone knows how to communicate its value effectively condoms
  11. 11. Most appliance manufacturers are preparing consumers
  12. 12. Most wearables companies don’t have sustainable business models. Most wearables stop being used after 6mo.
  13. 13. Most startups have 99 problems.
  14. 14. I.P. Legal Product design Hardware design Embedded software Connectivity issues Middleware APIs User Experience Prototyping Certification Financing Sales & Marketing Manufacturing Assembly Distribution Returns
  15. 15. Most startups understand branding and will build it in house. A good logo, website, press assets.
  16. 16. Most startups underestimate marketing & communications. Crowdfunding is comms but they think it’s funding/gauge of audience appetite.
  17. 17. Most startups don’t have a retail background. Underprepare for Christmas. Overestimate the importance of retailers and press and CES.
  18. 18. Most startups can’t afford continuous engagement. Small agencies will charge £30K for a campaign of a couple of months.
  19. 19. Most startups won’t last 2 years. Even the ones that look great.
  20. 20. Why? They underestimate the importance of sales in relation to technological development.
  21. 21. Why? The founders are often engineers.
  22. 22. Why? They are underfunded or self-funded.
  23. 23. What to build for Minimum viable voice A really good monthly newsletter: BleepBleeps Useful, continual online banter
  24. 24. What to build for Minimal monthly investment Mailchimp Buffer Zapier Zendesk Part time customer service You’re already at £500-£700/mo
  25. 25. Why get involved? Most teams are less than 5 employees They can make for excellent, engaging, part time clients. You’ll build up sustainable relationships with your client’s sector.
  26. 26. Thanks! Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch on twitter/insta