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In a roundabout kind of way: the story of a tech community


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Talk given at Kuching, May 15th 2018.

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In a roundabout kind of way: the story of a tech community

  1. 1. In a roundabout kind of way The story of a tech community Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch
  2. 2. Arduino Internet of things meetup Good Night Lamp Open #iotmark certification mark
  3. 3. Old Street station
  4. 4. 1993 Sarah Lucas & Tracey Emin open ‘The Shop’
  5. 5. 2000 London College of Fashion opens on Curtain Road
  6. 6. 2007 Moo, the printing company rented out desks to companies in their office.
  7. 7. Rent was cheap £200/month for a desk. Minimum wage was £1,149/month
  8. 8. East London Hackney Tower Hamlets Shoreditch Old Street Bethnal Green A horse with no name
  9. 9. Press A week later, Matt is interviewed.
  10. 10. A tech map 16 tech businesses among a community of artist studios.
  11. 11. July 30th 2008 The Financial Times Tim Bradshaw writes about it.
  12. 12. July 31st 2008 Tech Crunch Mike Butcher writes about it.
  13. 13. April 2009 Wired UK magazine is re-launched.
  14. 14. May 2009 Mike Butcher becomes European editor of Tech Crunch
  15. 15. May 2010 Elisabeth Varley starts TechHub coworking space.
  16. 16. July-November 2010 Matt Webb talks to David Cameron about a ‘Tech City’. He uses the term in a speech.
  17. 17. November 2010 Tech City UK a government funded program of support and visas is launched.
  18. 18. January 2011 Bethnal Green Ventures incubator opens.
  19. 19. November 2011 I take over the internet of things meetup for Pachube (40 people).
  20. 20. March 2012 Google opens Campus London an event and co-working space.
  21. 21. April 2010 London Overground East London line opens
  22. 22. December 2012 London Overground South London line opens
  23. 23. 2012 London Olympics
  24. 24. June 2011 The community grows.
  25. 25. 2016 Here East site replaces the Olympics Media Centre.
  26. 26. March 2013 Level 39 opens in Canary Wharf.
  27. 27. Rent now £299-£350 Techhub £400 WeWork £430 The Trampery £550 The Office Group
  28. 28. Now Over 200K businesses across the UK who describe themselves as working in tech.
  29. 29. Now The best coffee & restaurants are in East London as Soho slowly dies.
  30. 30. Now The London Internet of Things meetup is over 12K members and still hosted in East London.
  31. 31. This wasn’t a serious marketing exercise.
  32. 32. 1.  Artists 2.  Cheap rent 3.  Tech Press 4.  Infrastructure projects 5.  Co-working & meetups 6.  Government support The secret sauce
  33. 33. 1.  This is about a mix of communities 2.  It’s not only about startups 3.  It’s not only about exits 4.  It’s about supporting what is already there 5.  It’s about improved access 6.  It’s about rent control The secret sauce
  34. 34. Thank you. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch