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Horizontal Thinking


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Talk delivered to the DECT forum in Barcelona on May 30th 2016.

Published in: Design
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Horizontal Thinking

  1. 1. Horizontal thinking Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino designswarm @iotwatch
  2. 2. About me Open source hardware distribution & design services Consultant Founder Tinker London (2007-2010) designswarm Good Night Lamp
  3. 3. Over 10 years of working with R&D & research clients
  4. 4. 10% projects 8K members 11 events / year London Internet of Things Meetup (2011-) Design-led exploration of the future of home living. The Good Home
  5. 5. A moment of reflection
  6. 6. (Insert as appropriate)
  7. 7. (with plenty of capital investment)
  8. 8. (but that was ages ago)
  9. 9. (so now what do we do?)
  10. 10. How do you create the conditions for change
  11. 11. How do you create the conditions for possible success
  12. 12. Let’s ask R&D
  13. 13. Let’s ask everyone else.
  14. 14. Developed in 1999, open sourced in 2011, now an OASIS standard.
  15. 15. Emerged out of government funding in the area of internet of things. Applying to British Standards Institute as a ‘Smart city’ standard.
  16. 16. Napa project (2014) developed hardware to switch between Galileo & GPS on the go for the visually impaired.
  17. 17. The UK Catapults are government funded to ensure innovation models between SMEs, academia and corporations.
  18. 18. GE opened up thousands of its patents to the Quirky inventor community in 2013.
  19. 19. Let’s change.
  20. 20. The Things Network are helping grow a global community around LoRa that companies like Sigfox struggle with as they focus on the deployment.
  21. 21. The Arduino & Rpi have helped grow an ecology of open hardware platform development.
  22. 22. Let’s learn
  23. 23. (a word of warning)
  24. 24. In 2011, Pachube (founded in 2007) a data sharing platform for user hardware projects was sold to LogMeIn and turned into Xively.
  25. 25. Community-less, business-focused, the Xively community is dying, its London office shut and leadership team have left.
  26. 26. Think about What you can share with the world (and support well) What others have that you could engage with (and grow or continue to support) Who you could work with outside your immediate circle. How you could get closer to other’s processes. How you create the conditions for success but don’t expect it at all costs.
  27. 27. Language affects ideas Avoid saying: ‘We tried that 15 years ago.’ Try saying: ‘Who can we show this to now?’ Avoid saying: ‘I’ve never heard of them’ Try saying: ‘Oooh I’ve never heard of them!’
  28. 28. Good Luck. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino designswarm @iotwatch @GNLamp @iotlondon @GoodHomeProject @KnowCards