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Great expectations: how we're rethinking production, design and innovation one breadboard at a time


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Talk given at Thinking Digital's DIY Gadget track

Published in: Design
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Great expectations: how we're rethinking production, design and innovation one breadboard at a time

  1. 2. Great expectations How we’re rethinking production, design, and innovation one breadboard at a time. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino CEO & Co-Founder of! Thinking Digital May 12th 2009
  2. 3.! Interaction design consultancy London & Milan Interactive installations, products, exhibitions & events.
  3. 4. Arduino
  4. 5. Arduino 411 Born in Interaction Design Insitute Ivrea in 2005 Sold around the world (60 000 units) Core team made up of Massimo Banzi , Gianluca Martino, David Mellis, Tom Igoe, Davide Cuartielles Cheap (£20) and open source (
  5. 6. Day 1 Breadboard, components, mess
  6. 7. Day 50 The right tools for the right space and the right design
  7. 8. Hop Interactive game of hopscotch
  8. 9. t!pot Ludicrous way to tell how much tea is left in the teapot
  9. 10. Tweetr box Physically representing when people @ you on Twitter
  10. 11. A powerful tool Communicating the power of technology from the ground up, not through consumer electronics. Empowering designers, artists and hobbyists to problem-solve and create using new technologies. Create ecologies, micro-climates and cottage industries.
  11. 12. Communicating The Way things work Secret Life of Machines / Trial and Error Trading spaces / Home Improvement Make magazine / Make TV Making Things Talk Getting Started with Arduino Wired UK “How to”
  12. 13. Empowering Technology is a tool to use and understand, not only something to serve us. Arduino has been used to control cars, lights, beer temperature, monitor air quality, carbon emissions, build exhibitions, art,music, modulate voice, understand space.
  13. 14. New ways of innovating Cutting research and development budgets. Work creatively across departments. Achieve results quickly. Problem-solve on a small scale. Expand to sell your device/gadget/invention
  14. 15. New potential businesses Arduino support/consultancy? Ecology of products and manufacturing Seeeduino, Freeduino, Boarduino. Ecology of products that support Day 1 to Day 50.
  15. 16. New challenges ahead How do you scale up without losing the community? How do you scale innovation? How do you build new markets that understand what this is all about? Who will finance these cottage industries? Who will support new learning and new thinking? Will this push fabbing forward?
  16. 17. “ Talking about your work does not directly improve the actual quality of your work. Ultimately design happens in the world and in your hands, and not in your mouth.” -Jack Schulze
  17. 18. Thanks! Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino CEO & Co-Founder of! [email_address]