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Entertainment, smart toys & the internet of things.


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Talk given in Helsinki at CartoonDigital Seminar on May 6th 2014.

Published in: Internet, Design, Technology
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Entertainment, smart toys & the internet of things.

  1. Entertainment, smart toys & the internet of things. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch
  2. CEO of Tinker London 2007-2010 Good Night Lamp 2012- designswarm 2011-
  3. What is #iot? When we embed connectivity in everyday objects When those objects are designed with an understanding of the affordances of the web.
  4. Hardware (open/closed) Connectivity (wifi, zigbee/radio, GSM) Battery life Standards Privacy Security What things?
  5. What things? Smart Cities Smart Homes Wearables Other
  6. Flying Saucers in 1957
  7. Frigidaire’s future kitchen in 1956
  8. Honeywell’s Kitchen Computer in 1969
  10. Dick Tracy’s watch in1946
  11. #iot is everywhere!
  12. Evolving industry Human-Computer Interaction Ubiquitous computing / ubicomp blogjects Smarter Planet (IBM) Internet of Everything (Cisco) Industrial Internet (GE) Internet of things Wearables Connected products …..
  13. Extending your screen-based content in the real world.
  14. Tracking activity early on
  15. Using toys to play on screens
  16. Rewarding you for on screen play
  17. Extending play online
  18. Control the screen-based interaction easily Push updates easily Dependant on mobile connectivity Dependant on screen-based ux Pros Cons
  19. Extending your cloud-based content in the real world.
  20. Tracking physical activity
  21. Playing remotely
  22. Good Night Lamp
  23. Playing with other senses
  24. Content on demand & timed
  25. Works as a product even when the data doesn’t work. Dependant on the structure of your data & APIs Pros Cons
  26. Smart vs connected.
  27. How to do this? Assume a minimum investment of £5K to develop a crowdfunding worth prototype. Assume a minimum of £200K for industrialisation. Assume 3 years to really test the market. Decide what defines the success of a product. PR or sales.
  28. The good news Incubators & accelerators are growing in this space. (Nike & TechStars, BoltBoston, Highway1, Haxlr8r) Send a team to one of them. It’ll be cheaper than running it yourself. Crowdfunding is a good way to test the water with a big brand.
  29. It’s early days.
  30. Careful about the data though!
  31. Education tools are increasing expectations
  32. Kiitos. Thank you. Merci. Grazie. @iotwatch @GNLteam @ConnectedIOT Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino