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An open & sustainable internet of things


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Talk given at Green Mondays that scopes out the work done by the EyeHub project which I'm involved in.

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An open & sustainable internet of things

  1. 1. @iotwatch Opportunities for a secure & sustainable internet of things.
  2. 2. Tinker London 2007-2010 Good Night Lamp March 2012 IDII 2004-2006
  3. 3. #iot 1. what happens when we embed connectivity in everyday objects. 2. what happens when those objects are designed with an understanding of the affordances of the web.
  4. 4. who cares? 1. Anyone distributing physical products . 2. Anyone offering Big Data services tied to physical products . 3. Anyone wanting to know more about what happens to a product (cradle to cradle).
  5. 5. Why? Sensors are cheaper so imagine what you could do with them. What would you want to track? What could you learn about your customers?
  6. 6. Privacy Customers will want to know -that you are collecting data -why and what you are collecting -that their confidentiality is preserved -that their data is accessible
  7. 7. Transparency Customers will want -A unique URL where they can see what you’ve collected. -To know what sensors you’re using -That an API is interrogating the data
  8. 8. Ownership Customers will expect -To be the owner of the data & be the copyright holder. -To decide who they allow access to (might not even be you).
  9. 9. Practically The way you package a product & design a user experience might be impacted. You might need to develop a long-term data storage policy. You might need to develop a data ethics policy. You will need APIs.
  10. 10. The upside You can start to see how people use your products, what its lifespan really is. You will encourage people to interact with your service more often and give you feedback. You can develop relationships with developers who might have better ideas than your own team can.
  11. 11. @iotwatch @eyehub Launch drinks on September 11th .