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How To Be A (Fill in Blank) Superstar?

Or: How to build your personal brand by Blogging?

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How To Be A (Fill in Blank) Superstar?

  1. HOW TO BE A (FILL IN THE BLANK) SUPERSTAR ? March 10, 2009 | by Brian Ling (
  2. Or… Or How to Build your Personal Brand by Blogging?
  3. What is a Brand? “A Brand is a Collection of Perceptions in the Mind f the Consumer” Mi d of th C ”
  4. What is a Brand? A 360 Degree Experience 360 360°
  5. What is a Brand? “Every Starbucks store is carefully designed to enhance the quality of everything the customers see, touch, hear, smell or taste…” Howard Schultz, CEO
  6. Why Brand You? Why Should You Care?
  7. Why Brand You? “Welcome to GLOBALITY” (A hyper competitive environment where we are competing with h ii i h i ih everyone from everywhere for everything ~ BCG, 2008)
  8. Why Brand You? It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and hire great talent d hi tt l t
  9. Why Brand You? We Live in a Democratic Internet Landscape
  10. Why Brand You? People Now Focus on Quality
  11. Why Brand You? There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You!
  12. Why Brand You? Good News: Good is Perceived
  13. Why Brand You? Therefore to differentiate, YOU need to also be b a BRAND!
  14. Why Brand You? So if you were a brand, how would people experience th i ti with you? i their time ith ?
  15. Why Brand You? Think of one Keyword that best describes You? Y?
  16. Why Brand You? Now create your 360˚ Experience! Clothes Your Objects 360 360° Hair Style Blog Content Blog Design Writing Style Colors
  17. Why a Blog? You are your Blog, Your Blog is You
  18. Why a Blog? Just like you, a blog is always in BETA Source: www.tompeters .com
  19. Why a Blog? Design Sojourn: Version 1.0 (Nov 2005)= Blah Blah Blah… Version 2.0 (2006-7)= Went to the Darkside Version 3.0 (2007-8)= Came Out (of the Closet) Version 4.0 (2009)= My Brand ( ) y
  20. Why a Blog? Your “Physical” Presence on the Internet
  21. Why a Blog? A blog is your “Home Base” Home Base
  22. Why a Blog? A Good Blog Brand is : Authentic Meaningful Relevant Engaging
  23. Building Brand You Plan your Strategy 1. Managed Exposure 2. Build Relationships 3. Earn Trust and Gain Credibility 4. 4 Become an Authority 5.
  24. 1. 1 Plan Your Strategy Your Vision and Mission in Life Why do you Blog?
  25. 1. 1 Plan Your Strategy Find your Niche Where do you want to WIN?
  26. 1. 1 Plan Your Strategy Write your Elevator Pitch “DT is a Multi disciplinary Industrial Design leader that DT Multi-disciplinary specializes in strategic design and product realization programs that drives successful brands and businesses” businesses
  27. 1. 1 Plan Your Strategy SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  28. 1. 1 Plan Your Strategy What is your Personal Brand Tag Cloud? Source:
  29. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Choose the Right Domain Name Design D i Sj
  30. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity – Design Sojourn
  31. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity – Design Sojourn
  32. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity –
  33. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity - Portfolio
  34. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity –
  35. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Consistent Visual Identity - Twitter
  36. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Map your “Personal Brand Pillars” DD Yanko Design TDOET com Me ( Twitter/ Authority Plurk FB Relationship Creditability
  37. 2. 2 Managed Exposure Manage your Exposure to create a “Picture” of your “V i ” on the Web f “Voice” th W b
  38. 3. 3 Build Relationships Connect with other People in your Niche Source:
  39. 4. 4 Earn Trust & Credibility Give (Comment, Write, Contribute) to Receive
  40. 5. 5 Become an Authority It’s not about getting millions of visitors or followers to your Blog Becoming an Authority is about achieving ownership of your Niche and its Keywords
  41. 5. 5 Become an Authority Google the Keywords in your Niche
  42. Parting Shots Don’t be Seduced! Source:
  43. Parting Shots Learn the Tools and understand how they work Source:
  44. Parting Shots Offline is the new Online
  45. THANK YOU! Slides on |