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Evolution Of Android Operating System Over The Years


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Evolution Of Android Operating System Over The Years

  1. 1. i Evofipfiifl of Anfoid 1 erdfing Over The Years% 1 ‘ https/ /designs. codes/
  2. 2. Unlike popular knowledge, Android was the brainchild of four tech geeks, Andy Rubin, i~! ick Sears, Chris Whi'te and Rich ivliner. Each of them were successfully employed or running their own business, before coming up with an idea of creating mobile devices that would be smarter, customizable and able to under‘star'rd the preference of the users. https/ /designs. codes/ ,- ' - , - - - m5Eod§)~
  3. 3. While Android Inc. was going through a financial crisis, Google proposed to acquire it with $50 million. Thus the Android division of Google was created that intended to compete with Apple with its very own smartphones. https/ /designs. codes/
  4. 4. The availability of cheap smartphones has made it possible for people of all classes to use them.
  5. 5. When iPhones were a dream for the common man, Google thought to create a cheaper smartphone that can be accessible to all. I https/ /designs. codes/ designslgodes
  6. 6. News went adrift that Google was in the process of buidling a mobile phone to compete with Apple. However, later Google announced that it was a mobile platform that they have been working on. https/ /designs. codes/
  7. 7. is Thus was created Android and a e ‘ ' launch in the year 2007. Ho; error; because of some technical"glitch, -ihrvflfgble to make a mark. https/ /designs. codes/
  8. 8. https/ /designs. codes/ - ~~—— codes
  9. 9. Unlike Apple, who possess the sole right over i0S, Google gives permission to all manufactureres to build smartphones with Android 03. This has been a major contributing factor for the growth and spread of Android devices throughout the globe. https/ /designs. codes/ desirmscodes
  10. 10. T-Mobile G1-The era of Android, however, did not begin o 'eial Vfrom Novembefi2007. It was then nag . T-mobile Gi. .Th bment of touch sensitivityfi ad not m ti*r'r; elF; i to mobile phones th€rllThe pfion wr rm? basic and included phid a I n Ii" II. 6. 14-2» https/ /designs. codes/
  11. 11. oog fixed up some bug T-mobile version. Though it did not really offer much change in design features and look, it gave users the satiséction of easy installation of Android updates/ Thus marked as the beginning of the Android era. https/ /desig . .codes/
  12. 12. https/ /designs. codes/ designs. codes
  13. 13. With Cupcake there arrived the soft touch keypad and a number of new widgets that are available to the users. https/ /designs. codes/
  14. 14. Android 1.6 Donut was launched with higher improvements in visual display and supported some added functionalities. CDMA sets could now install Android Donut which was a big achievement. https/ /designs. codes/ designslcodes
  15. 15. In December 2009, Google launched Android 2.0 Eclair. However, it contained some bug Thus, a more modified version of Eclair Android 2.1 was launched on early 2010. This version supported Bluetooth 2.1, digital zoom, multi touch support and even live wallpapers. https/ /designs. codes/ codes
  16. 16. Froyo that was launched in the month of May 2010 supported USB tethering, supported Adobe Flash player, improved display and graphics, better security measures, copy and paste option in clipboard.
  17. 17. In December 2010, Google rolled out Gingerbread that was a revolution within Android. This new version drastically improved device performance and speed. This version also included functions like email option, front face camera option, online calling, video compressor to name a few. https/ /designs. code A " ‘ . , mag
  18. 18. Android Honeycomb was launched in three versions namely 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 that were launched on February, July and August respectively in the year 2011. The widgets were revamped and options lik video chatting, 30 graphic support were introduced. https/ /designs. codes/ designs. codes
  19. 19. Android version 4.0 was named Ice cream sandwich. With this Google made a leap in its mobile operating system and rolled out with a wide range of new features. https/ /designs. codes/
  20. 20. Android Jelly Bean was a major update that brought with itself improved animation, and a better design, permission toaccess widgets and also rolled out Google Play. This version was updated espegially dedicated to gaming. https/ /designs. codes/ designslcfoiesl
  21. 21. Android Kit Kat is a faster version than the previous versions that / . A used less resources. This version provided better performance and is ____ more efficient than its predecessor. "' I ; , The status bar is transparent and E It also has Google now in the 1 homescreen. Emoji icons, one of the ¥ favourite elements in messaging at l present, came into use with this version of Android. . .._. .__. ___ .4 ca > n ‘ 4—-—. .—. —-vvwv-n. ¢_-~—. v.---vvu= —-——-: y----cr5_. «’ ‘ https/ /designs. codes/ codes
  22. 22. The latest in Android series is the Android Lollipop or Android Lwith awesome features that has taken Android to a whole new level. This version has material design and allows multitasking
  23. 23. designslcodesl https: //designs. codes/ Blog-http: //blog. designs. codes/ Email: info@designs. codes at