The birth and growth of ip in india 2010


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The birth and growth of ip in india 2010

  1. 1. Silicon Interfaces®<br />The birth and growth of IP in India<br /> -An insider’s scoop<br />
  2. 2. IP Business Overview:<br />ROI are measured in terms of volume licensing based on sales of ASIC /SoC it is targeted for.<br />Standard for Future:<br />An IP provider can no longer hedge its bets on one protocol & hope that is the one the consumer would take of.<br />What do you get when you approach a Customer for IP sales?<br />Time to Market Consideration:<br />Design/Verification Tools & Methodology have evolved & undergone revolutionary changes, and both are equally important.<br />What has made India as the Design Hub attracting the MNC’s?:<br />The Industry Employees are expected to increase more than 7 times in the next 5 years, to over 780,000 employees by 2015.<br />Customer gets everything required for a complete IP-SoC development Cycle. (saving in engg cost (50%), best skilled resources, EDA Vendor)<br />Vast network of engineering colleges & universities (Two Lakh Engineers pass out every year)<br />The birth and growth of IP in India/2<br />
  3. 3. Partnerships with EDA tools providers & Foundries:<br />They have good understanding of market & experts in our Industry. The cycle time to prepare a tools are long (longer than it takes us to train for the services).<br />We have EDA tools providers like Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, etc & FPGA & Foundries like Xilinx, Actel, Altera, TSMC, Global Foundries, UMC etc.<br />Precautions:<br />Copyrighting your Intellectual Property in some geographical domains (USA, Europe, India...etc) and trade mark some collaterals & brand names are essential.<br />If you have patents, one must protect the patent though it is expensive & time consuming process.<br />Non disclosure and ownership agreements with Clients/Partners & Vendors and of course, with Employees is a must.<br />Customer feedback on available standard & specialized IP:<br />Standard IP available in the market does not work as required; too much time required to understand and re-engineer the IP. Specialized IP available in the market is very expensive and still(!) does not work as required.<br />Customer needs Design Services for “tweaking” the IP for at the least three main reasons such as change interfaces, design issues(like gate count, speed and (low) power), re-targeting foundry libraries and technologies.<br />Customer rarely gets these Design Services since IP Vendors tend to sell IP as standard parts.<br />So along with low cost the IP, customer needs AE/PSE support for the same. <br />The birth and growth of IP in India/3<br />
  4. 4. SI50GE22<br />SI16FW10<br />GEMAC<br />LPE<br />Silicon Cores<br />Core to the Intelligent Systems<br />6+ VIPs NOW!!!<br />12+ IPs NOW!!!<br />Wireless, Communication, Networking & Interconnect<br /><ul><li>VMMVIPs
  5. 5. OVCs
  6. 6. eVCs
  7. 7. uVC</li></ul>802.11 a/b/g MAC<br />USB On-The-Go<br />V<br />SI80GEOVC10<br />USB2 Function Controller<br />Bluetooth BaseBand<br /><ul><li>Annual Membership
  8. 8. Licensing
  9. 9. PSEs
  10. 10. AEs</li></ul>GEMAC OVC<br />IEEE 1394<br />RapidIO<br />IP Development Program by<br />Silicon Interfaces®<br />a software and vlsi design center<br />GEMAC<br />Infiniband<br />
  11. 11. Thank You …<br />Manoj Singh - Email:<br />For more info on:<br />IPs & VIPs –<br />Services –<br />Email –<br />The birth and growth of IP in India/5<br />