The long road to IP commercialization


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Since the birth of RMM in 1995, Semiconductor IP activities had grown from a pure R&D initiative into a significant factor of many SoC project budget.
For the last 25 the major growth of the SIP market was driven by Microprocessor, Memory and I/O vendors.
In recent years the landscape of SIP is changing and new horizons appear brought by new IP vendors representing variety of business models.
In this panel discussion, each of the speakers will have 5 – 10 minute to present its SIP commercialization practice and vision.
The second half of the talk will be dedicated for 3 – 4 questions that should be answer by each of the speakers, allowing the audience to evaluate the different opinions.

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The long road to IP commercialization

  1. 1. The long road to IP commercialization20th IP-SoC ConferenceDecember 7th 2011; GrenoblePhilippe QuinioJean-Luc Jaffard Confidential Information
  2. 2. About the Authors… Group Vice-President IP Sourcing & Strategy Telecom engineer, MBA Former management consultant Multiple jobs at ST in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Finance and Technology Sourcing JL Jaffard Ph Quinio Director Intellectual Property Business Unit Semiconductor engineer Multiple jobs at ST in R&D, Marketing and Advanced Technology Sourcing Confidential Information 2
  3. 3. IPs at IDMs: Make, Re-Use or Buy? Performance IP performance exceeds spec (over-engineering)RequirementsSpecification Risk Risk vs Cost trade-off Cost Confidential Information
  4. 4. Typical Cost vs Risk trade-off Analysis in IP Worse Better Confidential Information 4
  5. 5. IP Out-licensing vs Support EffortPotential reuse/out-licensing Support Effort Central Team Product Organisation Design profile System profile Foundation Mid Complexity High Complexity Sub-System Standard cells Mid Resolution Video Codec Image Signal Low speed IF ADC/DAC RF Processing LDO PLL µ Core & Tools GPS High Speed I/F High Res/ Speed Modem Memories AD/DAC Graphic Confidential Information 5
  6. 6. The IP Support Challenge: IDM vs IP Provider Product A Customer Product B Customer Product C IP CustomerIDM Provider Product D Customer Prodcut E Customer Product F Customer Limited number of Unlimited number of internal customers customers IP optimization per Support Optimization internal customer & application Confidential Information 6
  7. 7. The Long Road… For an IDM deciding to move to IP business means:  An alternative source of revenues & profit  Increases R&D ROI  A new business model  Support  Margin  Time to revenue  Customer base  New types of engagement & exposure  Liability  IP leakage to the market  Support for new foundry eco-systems It is a long, long road to IP business !! “The road to Paradise is Long and Straight but has no speed limit signs. At the end of the road you end up in that big parking lot in the sky” Confidential Information 7