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IP Commercialization

Since the birth of RMM in 1995, Semiconductor IP activities had grown from a pure R&D initiative into a significant factor of many SoC project budget.
For the last 25 the major growth of the SIP market was driven by Microprocessor, Memory and I/O vendors.
In recent years the landscape of SIP is changing and new horizons appear brought by new IP vendors representing variety of business models.
In this panel discussion, each of the speakers will have 5 – 10 minute to present its SIP commercialization practice and vision.
The second half of the talk will be dedicated for 3 – 4 questions that should be answer by each of the speakers, allowing the audience to evaluate the different opinions.

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IP Commercialization

  1. 1. IP Commercialization
  2. 2. Who am I …• Was born in Zhejiang China• Living and working in Shanghai• Father of a 2 yrs old girl• MCSE, MBA• Asia-pacific Hitech (IC/IT/Cleantech) investment consultant• China entry strategist and practitioner• Founder of Jiatao Industrial
  3. 3. About my company• Associated in 2009• Specialize in Silicon IP distribution• Currently representing 8 partners• Covering 6 major IC Centers and IC industrial bases Beijing, Shanghai, She nzhen, Chengdu, Suzh ou and Wuxi• Sales revenue tripled during the past two years
  4. 4. IP Commercialization - art of balance• How to distribute? – Direct sales – Rep network – Combination• How to interact with our customer? Customization Standardization – Rep / local sales on first contact – Customer care bring satisfied customers and repeat orders• Are you willing to do customization? Complexity Efficiency – Keep close communication with customer – Pay attention to customer needs Cost Performance evolution• How to cop with fast changing customer requirements and increasing engineering Time to differentiation market cost for customization? – With more efficient sales platform – With more customer communication – Collect customer requirements in regional market instead of single customer to decide the level of customization