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Manual en

  1. 1. Manual
  2. 2. Account & Login
  3. 3. AccountregistrationFirst time users wouldneed to register anaccount through oneof following platforms.
  4. 4. Step1. Register with your existing Facebook accountAuthorize theapplication in Step2. Authorize PTC application
  5. 5. Authorize theapplication in Step1. Register with your existing Google account Agree the authorization Step2. Authorize PTC application
  6. 6. Authorization code 1. An “Authorization Code” is required for your first sign-up to use the platform. 2. Upon completion, the Authorization Code bar will turn into a search bar. 3. This process is required only once.*How to obtain the authorization code?Our platform service is currently provided for educational, researchinstitutions and companies usage only. An authorization code is used toregister for access to subscribed members.If you are a personal user interested in our service, we suggest that youcontact your librarian or the person in charge of your company for asubscription.If your institution you belong to is already our client, please request theauthorization code for registration from your library or the person in charge.If you have any further questions, please email us at
  7. 7. Account settingThis section allows you toupdate basic informationand displays the remainingtime of the contract.
  8. 8. Browse & Search
  9. 9. Four maindatabases1. Inspiration source2. Textile source3. Editor’s inspiration4. Pattern/ Flats source
  10. 10. Change Tab to see other sourceBrowse byCategory(Inspiration)Each Category has asubsidiary group thatcontains inspirationimages for selection.
  11. 11. Browse byCategory(Inspiration)Click on image to viewdetails Click to view more images
  12. 12. Browse byCategory(Textile)Each Category has asubsidiary group thatcontains textile imagesfor selection.
  13. 13. Browse byCategory(Textile)Click on each specifictextile image to view thedefinition
  14. 14. Browse byCategory(Textile)Click on image to viewdetails Category definition
  15. 15. Browse byCategory(Pattern/ Flats)Each Category has asubsidiary group thatcontains Flats forselection.
  16. 16. Browse byCategory(Pattern/ Flats)Click on image to viewdetails Click to view more images
  17. 17. Use this image as an application to create an image board.Details Image information Use this image as an inspiration to create an image board. Add this image to My Colors from image Favorite
  18. 18. Browse by Category(Editor’s Inspiration)Each Category containspre-made image boardscreated by the editors.This section containsImage Boards created bythe editor team that serveas both reference andinspiration for users.
  19. 19. Browse by Category(Editor’s Inspiration)Click on image to viewthe details Click to view more images
  20. 20. 1. TitleEditor’s Image Board information 2. Keywords 3. DescriptionInspirationDetail Inspiratio Application Textiles n Colors from inspiration image Chosen Colors Modify and create your own Image Board Add this Image Board to My Favorite
  21. 21. SearchInsert keywords toperform a quick search
  22. 22. Advanced Search Result sorted by sourceSearch (number of Search Results) Set keyword relation Choose color to search View next source View next page/ enter number to view specific page
  23. 23. My Favorite
  24. 24. Add to My FavoriteClick ”Add to Favorite” toadd image to My Favorite.This provides a shortcutto specific images andpatterns quickly andeasily . Add this image to My Favorite
  25. 25. View My Favorite1. The following message indicates that you saved the image successfully to My Favorite.2. Click on the “My Favorite” tab to view saved images.
  26. 26. My FavoriteYou may manage/deleteyour saved images orcreate image board undereach source.
  27. 27. Individual design
  28. 28. Upload image1. Choose image to upload and edit category and information.2. Agree to the Authorization terms and click “Save”.
  29. 29. My document1. All the images you uploaded and image boards you created will be saved to My Document.2. You may manage/delete your saved images or create image board.
  30. 30. Create an image board
  31. 31. Create an Imageboard throughInspiration imageIn the details page of theimage, click “Create”button to create yourown image board.
  32. 32. Find color relatedtextiles Related textiles found by the system1. On the create page, choose 1-3 colors to search for related textiles.2. Choose the textiles you like 2. 1.
  33. 33. Reviewselected textiles1. To delete the textiles you don’t want, click on image and click “Delete >”.2. Click to save results.
  34. 34. Addyour designClick the middle area toadd your applicationimage.There are several sourcesavailable :1. Upload your own image2. From My Favorite3. From My Document4. Image Source5. From Pattern Flats Source6. Search by colors
  35. 35. Select a source1. Upload your own image2. From My Favorite3. From My Document Image Source4. From Pattern Flats Source5. Search by colors
  36. 36. Choose an imagethat representsyour designChoose an image andclick “Save”.
  37. 37. Choosepattern/ Flats tocreate your designonlineChoose an image fromPatterns/Flats sourceand click “Save”.
  38. 38. Fill Pattern/ Flatswith Textiles 2.1. Choose the textile2. Select desired area to be repeated3. Scale the new pattern. Enlarge/ reduce the 4. new pattern size4. Fill the Pattern/ Flats 3. with new pattern or colors. Zoom in and out to see details. 1.
  39. 39. Saveand back to editClick “Save” to return toedit page.
  40. 40. Edit informationClick “preview” to viewthe completed imageboard.
  41. 41. SaveCompleted imageboards will be saved toMy Document(Individual Design).
  42. 42. ModifyAll saved image boardscan be modified anytime.
  43. 43. helpClick forinstructions.
  44. 44. If you have any further questions, please email: