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Networking and security topics


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Topics for papers and presentations

Published in: Education
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Networking and security topics

  1. 1. Networking and Security Topics30 TOPICS FOR PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS
  2. 2. 1. Analysis of TCP 3 way handshake in a HTTP communication.In this paper, the TCP 3 way handshake is analyzed during a HTTP communication. Actualanalysis between a HTTP client and Server is performed using wireshark. The different fieldsin the TCP header is studied and documented.2. Security feature recommendations on a DHCP based infrastructure In this paper, different vulnerabilities of the DHCP protocol is studied using a practicalwireshark analysis between s DHCP client and Server. Attacks which are targeted for thespecific vulnerabilities are researched and features on networking products which are used asdefense for the attacks is documented.3. Internet sharing technologiesIn this paper, the different technologies which are used for sharing internet like NAT, Proxyservers are researched. A comparative study is performed to identify the pros and cons of thesame.4. Security analysis of the telnet protocolIn this paper, a live analysis between a telnet client and a telnet server is performed usingwireshark. The vulnerabilities in telnet are identified examining the analysis files andimprovements with better protocols suggested.Buy the E-book with 30 titles for Rs 200 / $5Email: