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Networking and security projects for students preview


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100+ Project ideas on networking and security

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Networking and security projects for students preview

  1. 1. Networking and Security Projects for Students100 + Project ideas on Networking and Security
  2. 2. The EBook contains 100 + project ideas with titles and abstracts on networkingand security for students. The abstract contains details on the project title. Theproject titles are developed based on areas in networking like network security,network testing, network design and configuration, networking tool development,protocol analysis and CCNA concepts.
  3. 3. Title: Study on Rip v1 and Rip v2 protocolAbstract:The project does a study on Rip v1 and Rip v2 protocol. The configuration methods ofthe protocols on Cisco routers are analyzed. The insecurity of Rip v1 and how it isimproved by Rip v2 is documented. The configuration required on Cisco routers to blockRIP updates on specific interfaces is documented.Title: Study on access control listsAbstract:The project does a study on different types of access control lists like standard andextended access control lists and understands the configuration required on Cisco routers.The differences and similarities in the configuration and design is understood. Theproject also performs a detailed analysis of the differences in inbound and outboundaccess control lists and how packets are handled when they are configured.Title: Layer 2 loop prevention with Spanning Tree protocolAbstract:The project understands the anatomy of a layer 2 loops and why ethernet frame design isvulnerable to looping. The internal design of the spanning tree protocol is researched andhow it is used for preventing layer 2 loops is understood.Title: Access restriction between vlansAbstract:The project understands how access control lists can be used to restrict access betweencomputers connected to different vlans. Intervlan communication is setup on a routerusing router on a stick configuration. The computers are configured with IP addressesbelonging to different network addresses and mapped with the corresponding vlans.
  4. 4. Title: VLAN design for organizationAbstract:The project understands how vlans can be used to create different departments. Everydepartment is mapped with a unique vlan. The computers belonging to the vlans(departments) are configured with IP addresses belong to different network addresses.Intervlan routing configuration is identified for access between departments.Title: Protecting Web servers from spoofed static source IP.Abstract:An organization has setup a Web server behind a Cisco router. It is been observed thatthe web server is being attacked from a private ip address of from theinternet. The appropriate configuration on the router with ACL which would block accessfrom the specific IP address to the web server is identified.Title: Access restriction to FTP serverAbstract:In an organization, there are two networks, and configuration on the router is setup for communication between thenetworks. A FTP server is setup on the network. It is required thatcomputers on the network should be able to access only the FTP serviceon the FTP server and all other traffic should be blocked. The project aims to identify thenecessary ACL configuration required to be setup on the router is identified.Title: Internet access restriction for a networkAbstract:A perimeter router of an organization has three interfaces. One of the interfaces isconnected to the internet. The other two interfaces are connected to the networks192.168.1.0/24 and It is required that computers on the should not have access to the internet, but have access to the The project understands the necessary ACL configuration which needs to beconfigured on the router for achieving the solution.
  5. 5. Title: Controlling broadcasts with VLANAbstract:The project aims to understands how broadcasting causes traffic congestion in a switchednetwork. The fundamental concepts of VLAN are understood and how VLANS can beused on a switch to create different broadcast domains to control broadcast traffic isunderstood.Title: RFC 1918 compliance for perimeter routersAbstract:RFC 1918 states the IP addresses which are allowed for use on private networks. TheseIP addresses are not allowed to be used on the internet. Perimeter routers should notallow incoming packets from the internet with the IP addresses mentioned in the RFC.The project understands the appropriate ACL rules which need to be configured forachieving the solution. ( )Title: STP Vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigationAbstract:The projects understand the internal architecture of STP packets and the fields inside it.The mechanism which attackers use to exploit the vulnerabilities in the STP packets isunderstood. The project understand the different features available on Cisco switches likeBPDU-Root guard, Root guard , Loop guard along with appropriate configurations.Title: Internet sharing for LAN computersAbstract:An organization is using a Cisco router as the internet router. The WAN interface of therouter is connected to the internet and the LAN interface is connected to a switch towhich the LAN computers are connected. There are 30 computers on the LAN whichbelong to the network address of The project is to design the strategy andconfiguration which is required on the router to share the internet with the 30 usersFeatures like default route, port address translation is explored for the purpose.
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