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Ccna topology based projects


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Ccna topology based projects

  1. 1. CCNA Topology based projects10 topology based projects based on CCNA concepts
  2. 2. SNAPSHOTThe E-book contains 10 project titles with abstracts which are based on CCNAconcepts. Every project is based on a specific topology. The projects use Ciscorouters and Switches. Sample project is provided below.
  3. 3. Title: Network design for organization with access restriction.Abstract:An organization network has to be setup as shown in the above diagram. Ciscorouters and switches are used on the network. The organization has two networks, and The system with the IP address be accessible only by devices residing on the The necessaryconfiguration required for PC1 to access PC2 and PC3 and restrict access to192.168.2.2 should be identified.E-book Price - $7 / Rs 300Email us to buy the E-book –