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Ccna preview


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Ccna preview

  1. 1. CCNA® INTERVIEW QUESTIONS100 Interview Questions and Answers based on CCNA® concepts Includes Topology and Scenario based Questions and Answers
  2. 2. PrefaceThe CCNA® certification is one of the most reputed and respected courses in thecomputer networking industry. This EBook is ideal for candidates who havecompleted or pursing CCNA® certification and intending to go for an interview,which requires the CCNA® certification. The questions in the EBook would helpyou to perform a self assessment of the concepts learnt during the CCNA® courseand how well you have understood the same. Scenario and topology basedquestions with answers are also included in the eBook.
  3. 3. Sample Questions provided below with answers and explanationQuestion 1In the above diagram, three computers with IP address , is connected to a layer 2 switch. Can the computer with IP address192.168.1.2, ping the computer with IP address computer with IP address, belongs to the network address of192.168.1.0. The computer with IP address belongs to the networkaddress of Since both the computers belong to different networkaddresses, communication between them is possible only if a layer 3 device or arouter is required. Computers require the mac-address of the peer for sending outthe packet. ARP is used on an ethernet segment to find out the mac-address of thepeer. ARP can be used to find out the mac-addresses of devices belonging to thesame network address. If the destination is on a different network address, the ARPrequest is sent to the gateway. So in this case, there is no gateway configured.
  4. 4. Question 2In the above diagram, the computer with IP address pings the routerwith IP address Explain how the packet is processed by the router andwhether routing is involved in the scenario.ExplanationThe computer constructs the IP header with source IP address as anddestination IP address as The IP header would be encapsulated in anethernet frame with source mac-address as that of the computer’s mac-address anddestination mac-address as the router’s mac-address. When the frame reaches therouter, the router looks into the destination mac-address of the frame. On a match,the FCS value of the frame is calculated and verified. The router then looks intothe destination IP address of the IP header. Since the IP address is intended foritself, the router prepares a response. There is no routing involved since thedestination IP address is on the same physical segment.
  5. 5. Question 3Two interfaces of a router is configured with IP addresses, subnetmask and IP address, subnet mask the routing table of the router contain any information?ExplanationWhen the interfaces are configured with the respective IP addresses and subnetmask, the router would perform an ANding operation with the IP address andsubnet mask. This would ultimately yield the network address for the interface.Once the interfaces are configured with the IP addresses and subnet masks, twoentries would be available in the routing tables which are (Networkaddress of and (Network address of, whichwould be listed as directly connected networks.Buy the EBook which contains 100 interview questions and answers.Click on the below link to buy and download with PayPal. –