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Designit - Introduction


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Roy Yogev, General Manager Partner at Designit TLV - introduction of Designit and Changes in the Design and strategic industry

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Designit - Introduction

  1. 1. Innovation happening Brand StrategyWelcome to
  2. 2. Innovation happening Brand StrategyOur StoryWe are a global strategic design firmmaking innovation happen for theworld’s most ambitious companies.We grow businesses by designingnew experiences for humans,enabled by technology.
  3. 3. Innovation happening Brand StrategyWe’re worldwide. That’s right next to you.300 29 32Designits across 15 offices in 12 countries Nationalities and cultures Educational backgrounds
  4. 4. Innovation happening Brand StrategyConsumer products Finance Health careIndustrial products Public sector Telecommunications TransportationEnergyWe help the world’s most ambitious companies make what will matter tomorrow
  6. 6. Innovation happening Brand StrategyWe co-create with our clients where the world is changing and opportunities aboundInsight Ideation ImplementationAnalysis and insight constitute the foundation ofDesignit’s processes. Using the right mix ofqualitative and quantitative methods, we diveinto the world of our clients and reappear withunique data.Based on those newfound insights weinstigate the ideation process. Our approach ismultidisciplinary, co-creating to come up withthe strategically sound solution for each client.Ideas become reality. We work closely with theclient to ensure execution and maximumbusiness impact of the solution we have jointlycreated.
  7. 7. Innovation happening Brand StrategyInnovation Happening.
  8. 8. Innovation happening Brand StrategyBusinessOur clients face complexbusiness challenges. They areamong the worlds mostambitious companies so thatsno surprise. Not to them andnot to us. We help themleapfrog competition byembracing change.We grow businesses by designing new experiences for humans, enabled by technologyHumansThe most common reason formarket failure is not bridgingthe user gap. We solve real-life problems for real people.If its not for them, it’s notdesigned by us.TechnologyCustomer experience drivescompetitive advantage, buttechnology turns visionarysolutions into reality. Weleverage our expertise early inthe innovation process to pushideas, optimize validation andaccelerate time-to-market.