Top reasons for using wordpress for your website | Wordpress Development India


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Designing Express is a full-service development company offering high quality Wordpress development, custom theme design & implementation, plugin development & deployment, PSD to WordPress conversion and migration services from existing static site to an elegant WordPress portal.

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Top reasons for using wordpress for your website | Wordpress Development India

  1. 1. DESIGNING EXPRESS Phone +91-9999-012-499 Top Reasons for using Wordpress for your Website
  2. 2. DESIGNING EXPRESS Phone +91-9999-012-499Though there are lot of reasons we can think of as to why you should take advantage of powerfulWordPress CMS for your website, but to put things in perspective, we have narrowed them and listedthe top reasons as to why using WordPress for your website make sense.It’s FreeWordPress is an open source solution and is available free of cost, which is one of the biggestreasons why the initial development cost is really low as compared to a custom solution. Therefore, itcan do wonders, specially for, start-ups and small scale businesses as during that phase there is apressing need to out a strong foot forward with a stunning website but the financial inflows are almostzero and the so, Wordpress can fulfil both these conditions well.Ease of Set UpIf you gain basic understanding of the system, installing WordPress becomes a cake walk and moreso, after you have executed it a couple of times. Furthermore, there is a gamut of community supportand documentation available in regards to the installation which helps you get equipped with the nitty-gritty of the system.User FriendlinessWordPress interface is practically designed and highly user- friendly, which makes it a topchoice among common users trying to launch their business online. With few clicks, users canmanage pages, manage content, and edit photos, blogs, plugins etc. and that too without any need ofcoding.SEO FriendlinessWordPress is SEO friendly and is written with clean code and best industry standards thereby, iseasily crawlable by the search engines bot. There are ample plugins available for SEO support usingwhich you can easily manage Meta tags, title tags, keywords, description etc.PluginsThe Wordpress platform is so versatile that it facilitates businesses to provide a unique and a trulypersonalized experience to its customers. Among the best features about WordPress is its pluginsupport, which basically are tools to extend the functionality of basic WordPress software. There arethe literally thousands of easily installable plugins that are available right from SEO support through toGoogle map integration and we even don’t mind announcing that you have very high chances offinding a plugin for everything that you may think of extending in Wordpress.
  3. 3. DESIGNING EXPRESS Phone +91-9999-012-499Multi-User AccessWordPress offers different access levels, starting from Admin, who can manage everything that isavailable in the wordpress admin console, till the subscriber level, allowing just blog viewing andcommenting. With this, you can assign difference access levels for your employees based on theirroles and the system will ensure that the designated staff member gets authority of only what they areresponsible to manage.CustomizationBeing an open-source solution, Wordpress is fully customizable as per the exclusive requirements ofeach business domain. A professional wordpress development company in India or elsewhere can behired and they can assist you with providing your customers a unique and exclusive experience.Community SupportWhat adds to the WordPress popularity is its massive community pool of experts, developers andend-users which is available in form of blogs, articles and forums. There is so much that has beenwritten on Wordpress that you can always take help of these resources, should you get stuckanywhere during the development or usage and even ask questions, to which you would find greatnumber of replies.ScalabilityWith your growing business demand, the website built using Wordpress could be aligned in order tomeet the new demands. The number of pages and the functionality can be enhanced with time to fulfilthe requirements of your growing business.Designing Express is an expert organization for Wordpress development in India and has years ofexperience building world-class wordpress websites for its worldwide clientele.