IND-2012-345 SBS Devrajgarh  -Rain Water Harvesting


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Rain Water Harvesting

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IND-2012-345 SBS Devrajgarh  -Rain Water Harvesting

  1. 1. Harvest theSave water & every drop save life of rain WATER IS PRECIOUS
  2. 2. We took initiative to clean the concern areafrom where rain water can be harvested.Aware the people about rain water harvesting.Help to collect the water in tanks fromrooftops. Condition of under ground water tanks
  3. 3. Water availability sources are limited here so people have to carry the drinking water from 15 kilometers away. They have to pay 1300 to 1500 for a water tanker. Maximum no. of people are depended on agriculture even they are not able to pay this sum for a water tanker. People have to spend much amount of their earning for water.How to harvest the rain water Rain Water Rain Water Harvesting is a Harvesting is aROOF TOP RAIN WATER simple, economical and simple, economical andHARVESTING- In this system eco friendly technique eco friendly techniquethe rain water is collected from of preserving every of preserving everythe rooftop to storage tank drop of water by drop of water bythrough pipes. guiding the rain water guiding the rain waterPLAIN GROUND WATER that falls to bore wells, that falls to bore wells,HARVESTING- In this system pits and well through pits and well throughthe rain water is collected pipes. pipes.
  4. 4. Preserving the rain water in the under ground tanks throughpipes from the rooftop and through the drainage system sothat there could be collected the water for whole year.. Be the Change that you want to see in this world
  5. 5. 1.Students were divided into groups. 2. Aware the people the implication of rain water harvesting. 3.The entire plan of ten days was discussed and made ready for implementation. Classification of Consequences: Understand the people and ~. Short term or Long Term make them realize ~. Saving of money WATER IS PRECIOUSStudy of the village and it should be harvested1.No availability of water in the village and collected for future.2. Depend on only agriculture3.Carry the water from 15 kms. EVERY DROP OF4.Low density and low literacy level WATER IS PRECIOUS.
  6. 6. It resulted every under ground tank is full with water.RAIN WATER HARVESTED IN UNDER GROUND TANKS THROUGH ROOF TOP AND DRAINs……..
  7. 7. THE JOURNEY OF CHANGE12th Sept 2011. 13th SeptemberTo start the campaign an The children set out for theexhibition cum rally was community outreach and saw theorganized in the village. water storage tanks and its condition.The rally has slogans on water After that they cleaned the concernand its conservation. area and drains from where waterThrough the rally students comes to the tanks.appeal for water harvest sought 14th Septemberchange in approach. 15th Sept and 17th SeptemberThe rally has 3 meeting points Aware the parents andwhere gathered people were understand water harvestingaddressed by the students. implication. Gradually peopleThe rally gave us the start asthe topic taken up was very realized and come out to supportemotional & no one before us us for the change.has dared to talk about water 18th Sept. and 19th Sept.& Told about the rooftop cleanlinessRest of the day was utilized in from where water can beslogan writing. harvested.
  8. 8. Contributed in Why it is needed?cleanlinessThanks f or t he be a part ofc hange