IND-2012-315 Satya Bharti School, Sopara -Child Marriage -


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Child Marriage

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IND-2012-315 Satya Bharti School, Sopara -Child Marriage -

  1. 1. -: Problem being attempted to change :- -: Problem being attempted to change :- “Child Marriage” “Child Marriage”
  2. 2. That child marriage is a big social evil prevailing in Rajasthanand it has gripped our village so badly that many of childrenare married in early age. This evil tradition has affected theeducation of the children/students adversely and the marriedchildren leaves the school and add to the number of drop outsin the schools.
  3. 3. The recent report from UN stating India as the capital of child marriage followed by local case of ourstudent “Vishna Ram” getting married in early days of his childhood which is one among many such cases,made us feel the urge to bring awareness among children and their parents on this blazing issue. Childmarriage is a curse for every child but is specially destructive for a girl child. Child marriage denies a girl ofher childhood, disrupts her education, limits her opportunities, increases her risk to be a victim of violenceand jeopardizes her health. So we stepped in to do our bit and make the current situation as better as wecan so that these little flowers can bloom upto their potential and not be bogged down by this evil. Student of Vth class lead this campaign
  4. 4. That this evil tradition is annihilated from our villageand all the children of our village realize their dreamsour village becomes the role model to initiate acampaign against this social evil..
  5. 5. We organized a rally through the village and stuck posters on the village walls to sensitize people against this evil. We persuaded the parents,who had already got their children engaged, not to get their children married and succeeded in getting the commitment letter filled by them.Sarpanch & other key person of society Sharing of success storiesflagged off the rally to village.
  6. 6. Students organized a role play to highlight the after effects of child marriage and the woes that the children and parents suffer. We took support from the social activists working on this issue and organized their talks.Role play by students
  7. 7. Students organized small meetings in village with group of 5 to 6 men & women, discuss & highlight the after effects of child marriage and the woes that the children and parents suffer.Sharing of success stories and signing affidavit.
  8. 8. Students shared success stories of child marriage with all community members in small groups and also take oath from all members not to encourage child marriage in village and also not to attend such marriages.Sarpanch & Community members taking oath Affidavit by Sarpanch
  9. 9. The extremely wonderful and realistic performance by the students touched the heartof each and everyone present. Moved by the play, people came forward andrequested the people to stand against the social evil of child marriage. The peopleappreciated the play by the SBS students and requested them to enact the play in theneighboring villages also. The village panchayat also gave us a letter of appreciationfor this noble campaign. Sarpanch of village and other key members assured allstudents that they would not encourage such evils in village/society. Sarpanch ofvillage also assured that he will take action / inform police if somebody caught doingso.
  10. 10. The success of the campaign strengthened our belief that we wereworking in the right direction. We were successful in saving thefuture of many students who had been engaged. Now they cancontinue studying and realize their dreams. We feel that we arestrong enough to take on even the serious most social issues Our effort are covered / supported by “Rajasthan Patrika” leading News Paper of Rajasthan.
  11. 11. Experience of Community Members & Teachers:“ These little kids have done a wonderful job & sensitized us to pick up a sensitive issue. I am planning to raise this issue in upcoming gram panchayat meeting. Personally I promise not support child marriage in my village. - Mr. Dudaram Sarpanch of Sopara.“ I am very pleased with efforts of little childrens. Mr. Jetha Ram (Youth Leader)“ These kids sensitized us, thankful to them. Mr. Shriram (Ex Sarpanch)“ It’s a good initiative taken by students of Satya Bharti School, Sopara. We promise not to encourage such social evils. Its our responsibility to this forward & ensure implementation. Mr. Guman Ram (Patwari)
  12. 12. Students Of Class V Satya Bharti School,Sopara (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)StudentsRamswroop Mamta GulabBhavana Kana Ram MahendraBharat Vijesh Vishna RamPrakash Kusum Rampyari Thank You