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SBS, Dhani Malyan

Published in: Education
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  2. 2. FEEL Parent didn’t want to send their child in govt. School because they thought that In Govt. schools:- • Teachers do not teach in proper way. • They’re careless about children. • They do not give home work on time. • They do not follow correction policy rules in home work checking. • There is no future of students in these schools. They also frightened for Children’s protection. • Teacher’s don’t punctual in these schools. • MDM of these schools is not safe.
  3. 3. Sharing the experience •Our parents don’t want to sent us in govt. school. (this school is a Govt. school adopted by Bharti Foundation) •They want to sent us in private schools like our neighbors’ children. •But we don’t want to go in private school. •We share our learning with the children who studies in private schools. our position is better than them. Besides it , they take tuition also. they pay 25 thousand rupees on a child per year. •It’s our wish that we spent this money for high education to make our future bright. . •Our neighbors say our parent ‘why are you spoiling the future of your children by sending them in govt. Schools. •But we want to get benefit of free child education which our government provide for us. •So sir !we want your help ,you all guide us, how we solve this problem?
  4. 4. Imagine • Children In the school:- • Students divided into groups and ask every group for think about solution of these problems and share idea with all. • Every group shared their ideas . • From these ideas best ideas were selected by voting . • Planning for required support and material. • Students Planned rally and went to the community.
  5. 5. DO • The children made some slogan chart with help of teachers . • They went their homes and other children’s homes and meet parents in village. . • They told them about “Right of Compulsory and free Child Education Act 2009” & govt. andf Bharti Foundation Facilities and processes for education:- 1. 6 to 14 old children can get free education. 2. Child protection policy in practice. 3. MDM checked by in-charge teacher before children feed . 4. Regular Support & monitoring by seniors. 5. Direct and fair contact with each one to share their thoughts. 6. Co-curricular activities for holistic development.
  6. 6. Impact • Many parents felt their mistake and regrets for their wrong thinking . • Now they ready to send their children in govt. schools. • They also suggest their neighbours and aware them about benefits . • All the parents were very happy and proud for this brilliant thought and good job of this awareness in society. • The children & teachers were also very happy. Hum. aapke sath hain.
  7. 7. So the children of Satya bharti government primary school Dhani Maliyan, Amber( which is adapted by bharti foundation) at last over come on a big problem & reached their goal. We won.