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IND-2012-136 SBS Jijjeani


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IND-2012-136 SBS Jijjeani

  1. 1. Satya bharti school,jijjeani GOLDEN WORDS IMPORTANCE TO SPEAK POLITELY
  2. 2. FEEL REGARDING DFC TOPICOur school students went for field village at Jijjeani& observe carefully what issues bother them & what they likefor the better. Issues like abuse language, cleanliness & plantation.Mostly Children effect by these problems.Then our students feel that the village people also effected byabove issue.
  3. 3. Imagine regarding DFCOur students make discussion on the issues & then decided the issuethey would like to change. the issue they choose USE OF ABUSELANGUAGE.When parents used abuse language in front of their children theyalso use such type of abuse language.Various solutions which come up students minds are following:-doorto door home visit,rally,role play.Our school students implement role play & rally to create awarenessamong village people.
  4. 4. DOStudents ,teachers and community memberare involved in the following activities:-Rally:-Our school students ,with the help ofbanners march to the village .teachers andcommunity members also the part of rally. ROLE PLAY:-in role play the students showthe home environment of two differentfamilies. in which one family use goodlanguage and other use abuse language.At the end in role play summaries therealization of using abuse language.Students prepared the slam book for recordthe parents comments. after 15 days of therole play & rally students and teachers againgo for field visits with slam book. studentswrite the comments from different parentsand also voice recording. Then we noticedthrough students efforts we change thelanguage of the village people.
  5. 5. Media Coverage - Local Newspapers highlighted the good work being donestudents of Satya Bharti School Jijjeani in making the community aware of usinwords and being Respectful and Humble in daily conversation.
  6. 6. THANKS BYMrs Pawandeep KaurMrs Parwinderjit KaurMrs Parvinder KaurMr Dilbag Singh KangMiss Mandeep KaurMrs Amanpreet KaurMiss Sandeep KaurMiss Manpreet Kaur