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IND-2012-113 St. Thomas School, Ranchi -Eco Awareness to Promote a Cleaner and Greener Earth


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Eco Awareness to Promote a Cleaner and Greener Earth

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IND-2012-113 St. Thomas School, Ranchi -Eco Awareness to Promote a Cleaner and Greener Earth

  1. 1. Eco awareness to promote a cleaner and greener Earth.FEEL: seeing and feeling the drastic climatic change, it is hard to believe that Ranchi was once asummer capital. When Jharkhand was declared a new state, we were proud to be a part of it, its richfauna, and cultural heritage. But it in course of time everything changed. The beautiful old trees areno longer proud as their pride has been snatched away. The lush green areas of our city have nowbeen replaced by the multi-storeyed buildings. Once used to be a jungle, Ranchi has now turned intoa concrete jungle. We being the future of our planet felt the need to implement our education toprovide a secured future.IMAGINE:In the words of Gandhiji “Be the change you wish to see in the World”. We feel that wehave been betrayed by our older generation which may be due to the lack of understanding. Butnow we can imagine a clean healthy pollution environment which can be easily attained by our loveand aspiration put together. Therefore imagining about an eco friendly and efficientenvironmentboosted and instigated us to improve our workplace and houses with full enthusiasm.We resolved to plant trees, use dustbin in school, make proper and careful utilization of resourcesminimizing the wastage of portable water and plant related product.DO: As rightly said by Gandhiji, “Nature has enough for man’s needs but not for man’s greed “Yes, itis true for we took a step forward to curb the felling of trees, check soil erosion and promote aharmonious nature.Rachit : “I can”Ayushi : “ I can, too”Children : “ We can , Why can’t you?”So we as a school, solely planted trees. This is going to be an ongoing process as we have alsostarted a Plant Nursery. We hope to reclaim Nature once again by our efforts and income generatedfrom this nursery.The teachers, our parents and local people appreciated our work of planting trees. They say “We arechange “.