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A glance at french interaction design


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From a talk given by Benoît Drouillat, President, *designers interactifs*, France’s leading professional organization for the digital design industry, at the Cumulus Digital Culture Session on May 19, 2011 in Paris, France.

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A glance at french interaction design

  1. 1. Cumulus Digital Culture – May 19th 2011Interactiondesign inFrance:an overview
  2. 2. Cumulus Digital Culture1 st interaction design professionalorganization in France600 members Our missions Paris & Lyon¶ 51 design/web agencies ¶ advance the interaction ¶ conferences¶ 20 design org. & schools design profession in France, ¶ networking opportunities¶ 529 designers ¶ define and professional ¶ publications (+ review) practices, ¶ exhibition ¶ build a networked community ¶ demonstrate the benefits of interaction design
  3. 3. A few words about the context¶ France: a rather unique position in the digital design world¶ French interaction design (IxD): firmly anchored in the countrys strong culture of decorative and applied arts¶ Frances technology-driven design culture is still deeply rooted in engineering¶ 1st problem: the business world’s cloudy perception of who digital designers are and what they do¶ 2nd problem: interaction design is struggling to be seen as a legitimate profession
  4. 4. At the crossroads of severaldisciplines Advertising & Marketing Human Factors Graphic design Interaction design Social Sciences Industrial Design Applied Arts
  5. 5. France’s industrial history has resulted in technology-driven design rather than user- or service-driven modelsGiuseppe AttomaAttoma
  6. 6. Initiatives A selection of French interaction design projects
  7. 7. AR Drone, ParrotParrot, France, 2010
  8. 8. DIA, ParrotNoDesign, France, 2010
  9. 9. Nao, AldebaranAldebaran, France, 2012
  10. 10. Gostai JazzGostai, France, 2011
  11. 11. Les Éditions volumiquesFrance, 2011
  12. 12. Ereader Cybook, BookeenFrance, 2010
  13. 13. WattTime, EDF R&D Design et François BrumentCollaboration graphique Sonia Laugier, France, 2007
  14. 14. Efficient Home, Schneider ElectricMathieu Lehanneur, France, 2010
  15. 15. An invisible profession (?)¶ IxD began to emerge as a profession in France a decade ago¶ But it does not officially exist in the French economy¶ IxD: poorly represented in the official list of occupations published by the French national statistics agency, INSEE¶The strategic advange of IxD have not been clearly identified¶ Not on the agendas of French government ministries¶ No comprehensive public policy to address the needs ofpromotional actions for design
  16. 16. A profusion of terms¶ The lack of a common vocabulary¶ The profusion of terms is more a reflection of divergences in strategy than in theory (S. Vial, Court traité du design)¶ *designers interactifs* glossarydesign numériquedesign dinteractiondesign interactifdesign dinteractivitédesign for interactionuser experience design
  17. 17. Diverse yet fragmented interaction design education¶ IxD: becoming an attractive career option in France¶ The number of degree and certificate programs hasincreased considerably since the early 2000¶ IxD is at the crossroads of several different academic andbusiness cultures¶ IxD is taught at fine and applied arts schools, at designschools, and at universities
  18. 18. Emerging programs andacademic research¶ French design schools are getting more involved in research¶ Combining research, design, technology and partnership with business and industry¶ Strate Collège Research: designer-led applied research¶ Nantes Atlantique Design School: READi, applied research in IxD¶ Atelier de Design Numérique (ADN), Ensci: founded in 1999 byJean-Louis Fréchin¶ EnsadLab: founded in 2007.Themes: mobility, interactive ad virtual environments
  19. 19. IxD market taking form¶ Professionnals operating in the industry must create their own market and continuously educate clients¶ IxD is the 3rd leading type of design used by business in France (Study on the design economy, APCI, IFM, Cité du design, 2010)¶ More than half of all design firms offer digital design services¶ Service design is offered by just 11% of design firms¶ Most design firms are located in Paris (60%)¶ Most designers (39%) work at firms with fewer than 5 employees¶ Average budget for a digital project = €10,692, a business second-largest design expense after space design
  20. 20. IxD market taking form Industrial design 52 Space design 37 Graphic design 33 Studies 32 Brand design 27 Packaging design 18 Signage design 12 Service design 11 Multimedia Interaction design 8 9 17% Textile Design 5 Fashion Design 3 Sensorial design 2 Food design 2 Sound design 1 Others 13 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50Daprès létude menée en 2010 par l’APCI, l’IFM, la Cité du design de Saint-Etienne à la demande du ministère de l’Économie,de l’Industrie et de l’Emploi
  21. 21. Average amount of interventions by field Space design 12 513 Interaction design 10 692 Service design 10 274 Studies 8709 Packaging design 8601 Industrial design 8361 Brand design 7753 Average 7148 Signage design 6549 Graphic design 4009 6621 Multimedia 4806 Textile design 5200 Sensorial design 5750 Food design Sound design 0 1400 2800 4200 5600 7000 8400 9800 11200 12600 14000
  22. 22. An optimistic employmentoutlook¶ Employment remains focused on web design in France¶ Just 5% of the designers stated IxD as their profession¶ No data available about the number of IxD designers¶ Extremely broad range of professional situations: interactivecommunication agencies, design studios, IxD agencies, mobileapp development firms, freelances, in-house designers...¶ Mc Kinsey report: Internet contribution to Frances GDPestimated at € 60 billion in 2009 and accounted for 1.15 millionjobs in 2010¶ compared to design use rates in France (40%), IxD should offerhigh potential for employment in the future...
  23. 23. Where French digital design professionalswork 6 % 34 % 60 % Paris Regions Abroad
  24. 24. Different professional situations 20 % 48 % 32 % Agency Freelance In-house
  25. 25. Most represented expertises 24 % 43 % 19 % 5 % 9 % Web Designer Interactive Art Director Projet Manager Web Developer Others
  26. 26. Employment trends in FranceCompany / did you recruit in 2010? 63 % 37 % yes No
  27. 27. Employment trends in FranceCompany / what profiles have you recruited? 39 % 36 % 24 % 8 % designer developer marketing administrative
  28. 28. Employment trends in France5 most required expertisesWeb Developer 37 %Front-OfficeDeveloper 23 %Web Designer 23 %Motion Designer 17 %Interactive 15 %Art Director
  29. 29. IxD in France: what works¶ Design schools, practitionners, organizations are taking the lead¶ Shaping an IxD industry with a number of strengths¶ French IxD perceived as holistic, cross-disciplinary, moreconceptual than IxD in English-speaking countries¶ A very active industry, running a full slate of lectures, meetings,exhibitions...¶ Foreign firms have demonstrated a clear affinity for French-bornand French-educated designers
  30. 30. Initiatives 10 most influencial french IxD companies
  31. 31. Initiatives 10 most influencial french interaction designers
  32. 32. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Jean-Louis Fréchin NoDesign
  33. 33. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Giuseppe Attoma Attoma
  34. 34. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Remy Bourganel Orange Vallée
  35. 35. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Etienne Mineur Éditions volumiques photo © Ivo Näpflin, Lift Conference
  36. 36. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture David Bihanic FXDS
  37. 37. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Yves Rinato Intactile Design
  38. 38. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Dominique Sciamma Strate Collège Designer
  39. 39. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Grégoire Cliquet École de Design de Nantes Atlantique
  40. 40. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Virginia Cruz & Nicolas Gaudron IDSL
  41. 41. 10 most influencial french Cumulus Digitalinteraction designers Culture Jean-Jacques Birgé Sound designer