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Laurie Kahn, The process of vision, Shopwell


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Laurie Kahn, The process of vision, Shopwell

  1. 1. Palo Alto, CA – March 2012 ! 1
  2. 2. What is ShopWell?! We are a personalized nutrition website and iPhone app. We analyze food for each user’s needs, and present individualized food scores for each food product. ! Users learn how well foods meet their needs.! 2
  3. 3. Where is ShopWell going?! Learning how well foods meet your needs is the basis of ShopWell. We are expanding this vision to include guiding consumers in all aspects of food: buying it, preparing it, and eating out.! People use different devices as they are shopping, cooking and eating. ShopWell will build products for these devices. ! 3
  4. 4. Goals and challenges! •  Create a unique and distinct look that is easy to use! •  Develop consistency across devices: Web, iPhone, iPad, Android! •  Create a holistic experience for the user. ! 4
  5. 5. Process! •  Personas! •  Narratives – how is our persona going to use the product! •  Wireframes! •  Visual design! •  User testing! •  Updates! •  Build, user testing, updates, build! •  Release! •  Repeat! 5
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  9. 9. We’re looking for an intern
Start now part-time, and move to full-time in thesummer. Work on:! •  iPhone! •  iPad! •  Web! Confidential! 9