Tool Kit: Business Analysis product (artefact) checklist


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Methodology is a toolkit not a process – Choose wisely

Methodologies contains many tools and techniques, such as, process, data , use case and class modelling, sequence diagramming and state transition diagramming, prototyping and report templates.

Not all these tools have to be used for every project.

So choose wisely and create your own fast path routes for completing different types of projects by preparing your own Business Analysis Project Planning Map. Build on your experiences and fine tune your product each time you undertake a new assignment.

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Tool Kit: Business Analysis product (artefact) checklist

  1. 1. SDLC Project Planning Deliverable Checklist 14/11/2007 Project Name: Date: Report Content Analysis Techniques Design Techniques Project Fast Path Actors Prototyping (Screens & Reports) System Enhancement (Medium) Decision Tree or Decision Table Component or Unit Test Cases Process - Data Affinity Analysis Data Warehouse Development System Development (Large) Mini - Specification Template System Modifiation (Small) Detailed Evaluation Report Business Object Modelling Package Implementation Project Brief & Approach Project Selection (JEP) Module Structure Charts Functional Specification Service Request (RFS) Technical Specification Business Specification Collaboration Diagram Business Participant Analyst Programmer Use Case Realisation Business Analysis & Design Transaction Analysis Investment Analysis Market Scan Report System Test Cases Solution Architect Sequence Diagram Use Case Analysis Scoring Technique Business Analyst Process Modelling Component Model Project Planning Deliverable Functional Design Entity Life History Impact Analysis Checklist Business Case Data Modelling Class Diagram State Diagram Project Brief Planning uml uml uml uml uml uml uml uml Project Objectives P R Context Diagram R P Business Objectives R P Process or Activity List R P Data List R P Interface Summary R P Solution Approach S R S P Cost Benefit Analysis S R Business Analysis BO Information Needs R P Process Requirements R P Data Requirements R P Interface Specification R P Solution Automation Boundaries R P Solution Options R S S P Package Evaluation Evaluation Criteria R S S Vendor Response Product Evaluation S R R Product Short List R Final Selection R Functional Design Design Principles R S System Function List R S P Function Specification R P System Interface Map R S Screen Prototype R S P System Test Plan & Script R P Technical Design (design hand over) Technology Architecture S R Program - Component Specification R Database Design R Screen Design S R P Report Design S R P Component Test Plan & Script R Integration Test Plan & Script S R S User Acceptance Test Plan & Script S R Actors Legend: Business Analyst S R R R S R R S R R R R R S R R R R R S S Primary Tool R Responsible Solution Architect S S S S R R Support Tool - Select S Support Systems Developer S S P S R S S R R R R R R R OO Object Oriented P Participate Business Participant R P P R P P R P P P P P P P P P P R JEP Just Enough Process Project Selection ITT Invitation to Tender Note: The objective of this planning tool is to provide a framework for selecting the appropriate deliverables to complete a project using just enough process. Project Planning BA Artifact Map v1.0.xls 1