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HUH CHUNG Recent works

  1. 1. | gahoedong60@gmail.com60, Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
  2. 2. There would be a new exhibition of artist HUH CHUNGfrom 10 May to 28 May in Gallery GAHOEDONG60,Seoul. You can viewing his recent artworks in here.Please contact to the Curator of the galleryif you are interested in the artworks.I would appreciate if you could send me by E-mail.Thank you so much.Curator | Kim Jeong MinE-mail | gahoedong60@gmail.comMobile | +82-2-10-3002-0585Phone | +82-2-3673-0585
  3. 3. #01_TRACE_110x195cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  4. 4. #02_TRACE_80x160cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  5. 5. #03_TRACE_60x120cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  6. 6. #04_TRACE_23x92cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  7. 7. #05_TRACE_23x92cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  8. 8. #06_TRACE_23x92cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  9. 9. #07_MAGNIFICENT BLUE_80x80cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  10. 10. #08_MAGNIFICENT VIOLET40x40cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013#09_MAGNIFICENT SCARLET40x40cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  11. 11. #10_Gold fish’s Tail_40x40cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  12. 12. #11_RED, WHITE & BLUE_40x40cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  13. 13. #12-15_TRACE VARIATION_each 38x38cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  14. 14. #16_DRAWING_21x49cm_Crayon, pen on canvas_2013
  15. 15. #17_TRACE_130x162cm_Acrylic on canvas_2012
  16. 16. #18_Blue spot_80x80cm_Acylic on canvas_2013
  17. 17. #19_Blue wind_21x49cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  18. 18. #20_Trace_each 10x10cm_Acrylic on canvas_2013
  19. 19. Chung’s theme of work is to gather the passing oftime and its’ imprints. All things trivial eventuallyleave an expression, repeating their creation andextinction.The process is to look back on the remaining tracesof time. The artist accumulates signs of life as seenthrough his own perspective, into his subconscious.He would gauge the relative merits on a canvaswith ideas, just as a film director would view slidesof film on a projector screen. During this time heplots the conflict between incidental elements andplanned elements. This is not an expression of in-tellectual logic.The purpose is to frame an image, buried deep in-side the memories of the artist. This gesture, a per-sonal expression of concern, is a formality of self-effusion.- It is yet an amusing game to modulate the rela-tionship between reason and instinct, from whichderives from their own opposition as well. -STORAGE – LOST and FOUND(Holding onto images deep inside)- The logic and determination of “completion” and“conclusion” is merely a single moment that existsin the human consciousness. -The artist is curious and shows affection to the lesscompleted, unstable or even questionable. In thissense he believes the incomplete landscape finds aplace to exist without courtship.He looks back into “existence”, and organizes phas-es out of his deepest memories, as he randomlyplaces them on a framework, a screen.His canvas is often thick textured, curious aboutthe unremitting properties of the medium. It mightlead you to think he is staging the foundation itselfto become a drawing. He portrays his metaphorthrough the process of dripping, staining, and re-painting as it gradually leads to completion.- Tattered and tarnished traces that life seems toleave behind becomes yet another landscape byhis meaningless brush strokes, evoking others byhis emotional tone. -
  20. 20. 중앙대학교 예술대학 회화과 졸업중앙대학교 대학원 서양화과 졸업갤러리 가회동60, 서울365 Studio, 파주단성갤러리, 서울단성갤러리, 서울동질의 회화전 (중앙문화예술관)WHO IS WHO전 (정글북 아트갤러리)예우전 (공평아트센타)WHO IS WHO전 (미술회관)동아미술제 (국립현대미술관)한국현대미술 5인전 (스탐트갤러리,뫼들링,오스트리아)제19회 중앙미술대전 (호암아트홀)WHO IS WHO전 (문예진흥원 미술회관)제15회 대한민국미술대전 (국립현대미술관)단성갤러리 개관5주년 기념전 (단성갤러리 기획)예우40년전 (서울시립미술관)삶,영원의 규명을 위한 자유성의 모색전 (종로갤러리)WHO IS WHO전 (종로갤러리)WHO IS WHO전 (예술의 전당)한국청년미술제 (공평아트센타 기획)한국미술의 차세대 예감전 (소나무갤러리 기획)삶,시지각의 지평선 (청남갤러리)단성갤러리 개관2주년 기념전 (단성갤러리)WHO IS WHO전 (예술의 전당,동호갤러리)92국제교감예술제 (장안미술관)WHO IS WHO전 (예술의 전당)오늘의 상황전 (백악미술관)INTO전 (나화랑)WHO IS WHO전 (토탈미술관)중앙현대미술제 (경인미술관)ILLUMINATION전 (청년미술관)INTO전 (나우갤러리)청년작가초대전 (청년미술관 기획)제9회 청년미술대전 특선 (미술회관)제6회 현대미술전 특선 (디자인포장센타)INTO전 (중앙미술관)경남 거제시 일운면 소동리 동성그린 아파트 101-906010-2085-2408 이메일 hcblues@naver.comwww.huhchung.com서울 생19901995개인전2013199819961992단체전200220001999199819971996199519931992199119901989주소핸드폰홈페이지Born in Seoul, Korea19901995SOLO EXHIBITION2013199819961992GROUP EXHIBITION200220001999199819971996199519931992199119901989ADDMobileWebsite허 청 許 淸HUH CHUNGB.F.A Chung-Ang University of Fine Art(Painting) Seoul, KoreaM.F.A Graduated School of Chung-Ang University(Painting) Seoul, KoreaGallery GAHOEDONG60 (Seoul, Korea)365 Studio (Paju, Korea)DANSUNG Gallery (Seoul, Korea)DANSUNG Gallery (Seoui, Korea)Cognate Painting Exhibition (Chung-Ang Art Center Gallery, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Jungle Book Art Gallery, Ilsan)Ye Woo Exhibition (Kong Pyung Art Center, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition Seoul Art Center, Seoul)Dong-A Art Festival (National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea)Five Korean Artist Exhibition (Stamt Gallery, Modling, Austria)The 19th JOONGANG Fine Arts Prize(Hoam Art Hall, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Arko Art Center, Seoul)The 15th Korea Art Grand Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea)VISAVIS, The 5th Anniversary of Dansung Gallery (Dansung Gallery, Seoul)Chung-Ang University_The Anniversary 40year’s Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)Life, Autonomy for Searching Eternity Exhibition (Jongno Gallery, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Jongno Gallery, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)Korea Young Artist Exhibition (Kong Pyung Art Center, Seoul)Forecasting Exhibition of Korean Modern Art of Rising Generation (Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul)Life, the Exhibition of Vision, Perception’s Horizon (Cheong Nam Gallery, Seoul)VISAVIS, The 2nd opening Planned To Exhibition (Dangsung Gallery, Seoul)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Seoul Art Center, Dong Ho Gallery, Seoul)International Show of Communication Art (Jang An Center, Suwon)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)Today’s Situation Exhibition (Baek Ack Gallery, Seoul)INTO Exhibition (Na Gallery)WHO IS WHO Exhibition (Total Gallery, Seoul)Chung-Ang Modern Art Festival (Kyung In Gallery, Seoul)ILLUMINATION Exhibition (Young Artist Gallery, Seoul)INTO Exhibition (Now Gallery, Seoul)Young Artist Exhibition (Young Artist Gallery, Seoul)The 9th Young Artist Grand Exhibition, Special Prize (Young Artist Gallery, Seoul)The 6th Modern Art Grand Exhibition, Special Prize (Design Center, Seoul)INTO Exhibition (Chung-Ang Gallery, Seoul)101-906, Dong sung green APT, Sodong-ri, Irun-myeon, Geoje-city, Gyeongnam, Korea+82-10-2085-2408 E-mail