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Intro To Calypso: Simplifying WordPress

  1. Christopher Smith Happiness Engineer @chrisfromthelc (Slack/Twitter) Intro To Calypso:
 Simplifying WordPress
  2. Open-source Runs on your own servers Complete control over the code and experience Custom Plugins “With great power comes great responsibility” WordPress Self-service + easy setup SaaS: we run the infrastructure Beginner friendly: highly scalable and secure Limited customization Premium upgrades
  3. • Uses Node.js, React library, and’s REST API • Works for or sites (using Jetpack) • 100% responsive • Open source Calypso
  4. • Simplifies publishing for beginner users • Provide an app-like experience to publishing • Mirrors desktop (OS X and Windows) and mobile apps • Keeps hands off sensitive settings (for now!) • Automatic plugin updates Why Calypso?
  5. • Custom Post Types (coming soon) • Custom Fields (also coming soon?) • Proficient in current WP-Admin • Need to access plugin admin screens regularly • Just because Why Not?
  6. Get Calypso For
 (the easy way) • Create a user account: • Install Jetpack on your .org website • Enable the tools in Jetpack
  7. (Sidebar) Recommended Jetpack Modules • Manage - Needed for Calypso • Monitor - Simple downtime notification • Photon - Image CDN • Protect - Brute force prevention • VaultPress - Automated backup/restore/scan*
 * paid service
  8. DEMO
  9. Christopher Smith Happiness Engineer @chrisfromthelc (Slack/Twitter) Questions?