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Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into Qualified Leads


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How to identify companies visiting your website and get their contact info for lead followup

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Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into Qualified Leads

  1. 1. Turn Anonymous WebsiteVisitors Into Qualified Leads
  2. 2. Website Visitors Identify Themselves Only 3% Of The Time…Imagine The Sales Opportunity If You CouldIdentify The Company Name And ContactInformation For The Other 97%!
  3. 3. Works Best For…• Business To Business Companies (B2B)• Sell Higher Price Tag Products Or Services (worth a phone call)• Have Sales Team To Work Leads• Have A Reasonable Amount Of Website Traffic (if not, contact me)
  4. 4. Start Collecting Data• Create Statcounter Account• Add Statcounter Code To Your Website• Go to Recent Visitor Activity• Look For Company Names And See What Pages They Are Interested In• Other Great Statcounter Info: Keywords, Came From
  5. 5. Identify Companies & Contacts• Create Account in Jigsaw• Add Or Update Contacts To Earn Points• Look Up Companies (easiest by domain name)• Review Titles, Get Direct Number And Email Address• Place Warm Sales Call, Send Follow Up Email, Connect In LinkedIn• If They Did Not Have A Need They Would Not Be On Your Website• Get Them Before The Competition Does
  6. 6. Resources••• JonesDesign &