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Social Media For Team B2B


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Quick easy social media tips for B2B marketing. As presented to Team B2B Naperville Area Chamber Of Commerce.

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Social Media For Team B2B

  2. 2. It is no longer a question of if you should be active on social media Now it’s about where, when, why, how often and how do you measure results Social Media For B2B
  3. 3. Step #1 Think Like Your Customer Social Media For B2B
  4. 4. o Who are they? o What are they searching for online? o Where do they hang out? o When are they most active on social media? o Why should they pick you rather than your competitors Prospect Demographics
  5. 5. Social Media For B2B
  6. 6. B2B Social Media Platform?
  7. 7. LinkedIn Demographics
  8. 8. Facebook Demographics
  9. 9. Twitter Demographics
  10. 10. When thinking about who to market to it is not always the final decision maker that makes first contact Social Media For B2B
  11. 11. When To Post? Infographic:
  12. 12. Event Calendars Somehow keep a schedule
  13. 13. o Industry news o Helpful tips o Case studies o Success stories o Blog posts o Videos o Infographics o Answers to questions you hear often What To Post?
  14. 14. oRule #1 Social Media Is Not For Selling o Engage, validate, teach, show examples, be a thought leader, help others, support causes, be real! What To Post?
  15. 15. o Create and continue to improve your profiles over time o Fill in ALL the blanks o Add skills, work experience, blog posts, videos, presentations, white papers, infographics and more. o Send a connection request to everyone you meet o Join groups and follow companies that your prospects do. o Want to know a secret on how to get a LinkedIn recommendation? o Give 2 o LinkedIn
  16. 16. o Create a nice looking Facebook page, graphics are important o Be a brand ambassador, invite friends to like your page o Follow your prospects, not your peers o Try Facebook advertising o Facebook
  17. 17. o Use hash tags like #Naperville #NACC o Follow your prospects, not your peers o Use graphics, retweet and thank others for doing the same o Twitter
  18. 18. o Add links to your social media profiles on your website o Use an email signature file with graphics and links o Share content from one profile to the other Make It Easy For People
  19. 19. o o Measurement
  20. 20. o content-marketing-results-102263 o social-media-roi/ o b2b-marketing-plan-social-media- 01399719#4RTlVd7C7Cow6wYk.97 o linkedin-profile-in-5-minutes.html Resources
  21. 21. o linkedin-like-a-boss o use-facebook-to-reach-customers o strategy-eventmarketers Resources 2
  22. 22. o Started in 2007 by Bruce Jones, CEO. o We create search engine optimized websites that convert more visitors into customers. o When you work with us, you work with a team of experts in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and social media.
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