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SEO for Photographers


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Have you ever wondered how to get your images to show up in Google search results?

For starters, Google can't read pictures. It can read text. Which is why a thoughtful approach to SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. Flip through this presentation to learn more about SEO for images, how to name your images so that google can "read them", how to track your SEO success and more!

You don’t have to be a photographer for this seminar to be beneficial! Information provided in this seminar will help anyone that has a lot of images on their website.

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SEO for Photographers

  1. 1. What is SEO? “SEO, is marketing to people that are already searching online for the products and services that you offer” 3 Main components of SEO: 1) Finding the right keywords that your customers are searching for 2) Using those keywords on your website in all the right places 3) Building backlinks on other websites that point back to you
  2. 2. Google’s 200 Ranking Factors
  3. 3. Anatomy Of A Google Search
  4. 4. Keyword Research
  5. 5. Google Keyword Tool
  6. 6. How to do Keyword Research o Identifying keywords: ● Think like a customer ● Google keyword planner ● Check the competition ● How many competitors? ● Search allintitle: keyword
  7. 7. Lazy Man Keyword Research
  8. 8. Keyword Prospecting o You need a map to help you find your way in the sea of keywords. o That’s where creating a spreadsheet will help.
  9. 9. Where to Use Keywords o Just about everywhere o Page titles and descriptions o Website content o Use keyword 2x every 100 words. NO more than 3%. o Image names and alt text tags o Urls of inner pages
  10. 10. Naming Your Images o An image is invisible to Google besides the file name, alt text tags were developed to help blind people. o Keyword-keyword-keyword.jpg like: o naperville-wedding-photographer-riverwalk-bridge.jpg o Not an underscore or a space between keywords. o Google does not index exif data (yet)
  11. 11. Top Results For Naperville Wedding Photographer o Naperville-river-walk-wedding-planning-photos-gorgeous-bride-and-groom-classy- wedding-gown-nature-Illinois-photographer-Angel-Eyes-Chicago-Hilda-Burke.jpg o Page Url illinois-wedding-photography-meg-and-andy-on-the-riverwalk-photo-of-the-week/
  12. 12. Content Creation
  13. 13. Content is King o Focus on keywords, but remember to write for your audience o Describe what you do using the keywords found o keyword-density-for-seo/ o Don’t forget to tell people what you do.
  14. 14. Build Your Website Deeper o Add more content o Photo galleries o Landing pages o Blog posts o Photography success stories and behind the scenes shots
  15. 15. o Name all images with a keyword before adding on to site. o Write original expanded photo descriptions. o Don’t use manufacture’s descriptions. (duplicate content). o Client Story: Clementine Beauty E-Commerce Websites
  16. 16. o Attention Grabbing Header o Information is clear and scanable text (more than 500 words) o Keep outbound links to a minimum o Includes testimonials and case studies to help connect dots between discovery and purchase o Make buttons and calls to actions stand out o No more than 4 fields on forms What to Include in a Landing Page
  17. 17. Why Every Website Needs a Blog o Blog your way to the top by implementing SEO keywords on each post o Shows you as an expert in your field o An educational element for visitors: blogs give useful content that inspires people to share (and gain a backlink from).
  18. 18. o Search result rankings differ between mobile devices and desktop computers. o The latest Google update (a.k.a mobilegeddon): Google has decided that if your website is not mobile friendly, then it’s not going to rank you #1 for mobile searches. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
  19. 19. o A call to action should be on every landing page to guide visitors down a path and compel them to take a next step. o You’ll need a good contact form on your website. And dress up with calls to actions like: fill out this form to schedule a consultation or Contact Me. Call to Action
  20. 20. Building Backlinks
  21. 21. What is a backlink? Backlink = a link from another website that links to your website o Your website should be the hub of information o Why backlinks are important: o A vote or citation in Google’s eyes ● Backlinks to your site show trust ● All things being equal, the site with the most backlinks wins (#1 in Google)
  22. 22. The Importance of Backlinks
  23. 23. Link juice = the authority in Google, flows in and out of links o Get backlinks from relevant sources. Pages with many links have less authority. o Avoid linking to other websites from your site o Where to get backlinks: How to Get Backlinks • • • • • •
  24. 24. Mobile SEO
  25. 25. o Google Analytics o Statcounter o Majestic SEO – checks backlinks o – Check competitors o o Do searches but in a private window Analytics & Tools
  26. 26. o o o o Some Examples
  27. 27. o Zenfolio – Not SEO Friendly o SmugMug – Good but costs $ o Flickr – Free, ugly and can’t sell photos o WordPress – Best for making an SEO friendly website, integrated blog and many photo gallery plugins o Others? Online Photo Galleries
  28. 28. o For more than 8 years we have been creating engine optimized websites that convert more visitors into customers. o When you work with us, you work with a team of experts in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and social media. ABOUT DESIGN & PROMOTE
  29. 29. o o 0-words-about-images.html o photographers/ o photographers-2015 Resources