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SEO 101 Slide Deck Presented At The Elmhurst Library


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Join Design & Promote CEO Bruce Jones as he offers strategies on how to turn website visitors into customers.

Do you feel confident about your Internet marketing strategy because you have a website, and maybe some social media pages or a blog? Being on the Internet is simply not enough to get business from the Internet. Every day, countless individuals and companies make this mistake and miss out on converting the majority of their website visitors into customers. Presented by Elmhurst Public Library and Fox Valley SCORE.
"Business Center Technology Class"

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SEO 101 Slide Deck Presented At The Elmhurst Library

  1. 1. “SEO, is marketing to people that are already searching for the products and services that you offer” 3 Main components of SEO: 1) Finding the right keywords that your customers are searching for 2) Using those keywords on your website in all the right places 3) Building backlinks on other websites that point back to you What is SEO?
  2. 2. Google’s 200 Ranking Factors
  3. 3. Keyword Research
  4. 4. Anatomy Of A Google Search Continue Scrolling
  5. 5. Anatomy Of A Google Search
  6. 6. o Identifying keywords: ● Think like a customer ● Check the competition ● Google keyword tool ● How many competitors? Search allintitle: keyword How to Conduct Keyword Research
  7. 7. Google Keyword Tool
  8. 8. o Just about everywhere ● Page titles and descriptions ● Website content ● Image names and alt text tags ● Urls of inner pages Where to Use Keywords
  9. 9. Content Creation
  10. 10. o Focus on keywords, but remember to write for your audience o Describe what you do using the keywords found o keyword-density-for-seo/ o Don’t forget to tell people what you do. Content is King
  11. 11. o Add more content o Landing pages o Blog posts o Case studies Content is King
  12. 12. Building Backlinks
  13. 13. Backlink = a link from another website that links to your website o Your website should be the hub of information o Why backlinks are important: ● A vote or citation in Google’s eyes ● Backlinks to your site show trust ● All things being equal, the site with the most backlinks wins (#1 in Google) What is a backlink?
  14. 14. The Importance of Backlinks 0.31 0.2 0.16 0.13 0.11 0.09 0.04 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35 Backlink Number New Backlinks Number of Internal links Word Count Site Speed Time on Site Bounce Rate Factors affecting search result ranking
  15. 15. o Link juice = the authority in Google, drains in and out of links ● Pages with many links have less authority- look for links elsewhere ● Avoid linking on your own site o Where to get backlinks: How to Get Backlinks • Online directories • Guest posts • Blog comments • Event calendars • Social media • Online press releases
  16. 16. Blogging for SEO
  17. 17. o Blog your way to the top by implementing SEO keywords on each post o Shows you as an expert in your field o An educational element for visitors: blogs give useful content Why Every Website Needs a Blog
  18. 18. Landing Pages and Calls to Action
  19. 19. o Landing page = webpage on a site that serves to convert visitors ● It can be made to function as a sales page o Landing pages can be like a trail of popcorn Landing Page Basics
  20. 20. o Attention Grabbing Header o Include sub-headers o State benefits and structure information with bullet points o Keep links minimum. Don’t link out to any other pages o Include testimonials o Case studies to help connect dots between discovery and purchase o Make buttons and calls to actions stand out o Place high offers higher on the page, before a user scrolls o Structure, style and design of a landing page influences the actions that viewers will take o Offers: Free Consultation, Free download, Free resource, buy a product, leave us your email to receive updates…. What to Include in a Landing Page
  21. 21. o A call to action should be on every landing page to convert website visitors them into leads and gain more contact with them o Examples: Learn More, Grab it now, Download Now, Contact Us, Sing Me Up, Reserve Your Spot, Get Access Now, Subscribe Now, Schedule My Meeting Now… o CTAs should start off as non-committing and work their way progressively into more forward actions Call to Action
  22. 22. A/B Testing Case Study Case study via
  23. 23. Mobile SEO
  24. 24. o 101 Google algorithm updates since 2010 to date o SEO was easier in the old days o The latest change: mobile eye opener ● Today, it is not about avoiding bad SEO- you get penalized for not doing anything Google is Ever-changing
  25. 25. o Responsive web design = websites with layouts that adapt to different screens, specifically for mobile devices ● Benefit: makes an easier visitor experience on any device ● Special features: easy text to read, adapted menu bars, click to call phone numbers at the top of screens, etc o We have been building responsive mobile sites since 2012 o The importance of mobile depends on the company and industry ● example: Lets check out Statcounter What Mobile Means in Today’s Online World
  26. 26.
  27. 27. o The latest Google update: not only do websites not get higher result rankings for not having a mobile site, they actually get lowered as a penalty o Search result rankings differ between mobile devices and computers o Conclusion: a new importance to being mobile-friendly Mobilegeddon
  28. 28. o For more than 8 years we have been creating engine optimized websites that convert more visitors into customers. o When you work with us, you work with a team of experts in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and social media. ABOUT DESIGN & PROMOTE
  29. 29.