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How To Use Your Website As A Lead Generation Tool


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We cover topics from website design to user experience so that you can walk away with easy and actionable steps for improving your website's function and draw more leads out of your website.

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How To Use Your Website As A Lead Generation Tool

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Meet The Team
  3. 3. • Search Engine Optimization • Custom Website Designs That Convert More Visitors Into Customers • Optimized Website Content Creation, Pages, Blogs, White Papers • Website A-B Split Testing & Marketing Automation • Newsletter Design & Management • Social Media Strategy & Implementation What We Do
  4. 4. How Do You Get More Website Leads? 1. Get more website visitors from the right people 2. Remove any bottlenecks in your marketing funnel 3. If they do not buy today make sure they remember you It’s as easy as 1-2-3
  5. 5. Sources Of More Website Traffic SEO Social Media Blogs Email Signatures Online Directories Seminars PPC Press Releases Blog Comments Advertising Direct Mail Newsletters
  6. 6. Bad Web Design Is A Barrier To Sales • Do they know what you do in 3-5 seconds? • Contact info easy to find – usually top right • Divide into market segments • Fast hosting, mobile friendly, easy to navigate • Calls to action to take next steps
  7. 7. Who Is Your Target Audience? • Not always the CEO or President • What are they interested in? • Where do they hang out? • What can they use to make their job easier?
  8. 8. Think Like Your Customer • Go through your website with an open mind • Is the information clear and scannable? • Is it easy to find the important information? • Does it steer you to a specific next step?
  9. 9. Website Forms • Give something valuable away • Whitepaper downloads • Spreadsheet calculators or tools • Access to videos • Free trials • Expert analysis or testing
  10. 10. Form Requirements • Should be less than 4 questions • Name, email are the only important ones • Additional question you will loose 25% • Upon submit go to thank you page • Leads are collected in some system
  11. 11. Good Landing Page Examples • page-examples-list • elements-blueprint/
  12. 12. Drip Email Marketing
  13. 13. Divide & Conquer • Split your list and market to them separately • Each segment should have a different goal • Segment ideas: • Products they are interested in • Where they are in the buying cycle • Job title or demographics
  14. 14. Newsletter Programs • MailChimp • Constant Contact • Emma • iContact
  15. 15. Website Analytics • Google Analytics – not real time but good overviews • Statcounter – real time and identifies companies visiting your website • Clicky – real time with goals and alerts
  16. 16. Turn Those Leads Into Sales
  17. 17. Optimizely A-B Testing Tool
  18. 18. SharpSpring Marketing Automation
  19. 19. Any Questions?
  20. 20. Free Monthly Educational Seminars Design & Promote 630-995-7109 1952 McDowell Rd Suite 100 Naperville IL 60563 Learn More