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Digital Marketing: The Small Business Edition


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Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote presented the key elements of digital marketing for small businesses.

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Digital Marketing: The Small Business Edition

  1. 1. Digital Marketing: The Small Business Edition
  2. 2. o Websites o SEO o SEM o Social Media o Email Marketing o Other Aspects of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Consists Of:
  3. 3. WEBSITE
  4. 4. o Users should know what you do within 3-5 seconds of entering your site o Visually Appealing o Easy to Navigate o Calls-To-Action o Contact Form o Responsive Design What Makes a Good Website?
  5. 5. SEO
  6. 6. SEO Basicso 1. Identify Keywords - Find out what keywords are being used by people searching online – Google Keyword Planner. o 2. Use Keywords in your website. o 3. Get Backlinks - Get links to your website from other credible relative websites, these are like votes in Google’s eyes. o Measure Results – You cannot improve what you do not measure.
  7. 7. Where To Use Keywords o Page Titles & Descriptions o Website Content o Blog Posts o Image Names & Alt Text Tags o Company Descriptions on other sites
  8. 8. Backlinks Why are they important? o Google Counts Them As A Vote Or Citation o Should Be Related To Your Site o The Site With The Most (good) Backlinks Wins Where do you get backlinks? o Online Niche Directories o Comments On Other Blogs o Online Press Releases o Marketing Articles & Guest Posts o Social Media
  9. 9. SEM
  10. 10. “Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.”
  11. 11. Search/Shopping
  12. 12. Display/Video (Preroll)
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA
  14. 14. Social Media Basics o Be where your customers are o Don’t try to be on too many platforms if you can’t keep up o Always be testing and optimizing o Don’t be too “salesy” and engage with users o Add new blog posts so you have more to talk about
  15. 15. • Pay to be seen • Many platforms are favoring paid social media (ex: Facebook is making it harder for organic content to be seen) • An opportunity to be seen by more people and faster than organic • Should be used alongside organic posting • Demographics and interests can be used effectively Paid Social Media
  17. 17. o You are 6x more likely to get someone to click-through to your website via email than you are from Twitter (source). o People are more likely to be interested in your message because they have allowed you to email them. (Can-Spam Law) o The beginners Guide To Email Marketing Why Email Marketing?
  18. 18. OTHER
  19. 19. o Ecommerce o Blogs o Apps What else is there?
  20. 20. ABOUT DESIGN & PROMOTE • For more than 8 years we have been creating engine optimized websites that convert more visitors into customers. • When you work with us, you work with a team of experts in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and social media. • View our portfolio here.
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