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linkedin Workshop Presentation For The Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of DuPage


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Linkedin optimization and best practices as presented to the College of Dupage

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linkedin Workshop Presentation For The Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of DuPage

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn Presented By: Bruce Jones CEO, Social Media Knockout Series: Round 5
  2. 2. LinkedIn Facts • There are 450 million LinkedIn members in the world • 2 new LinkedIn members are added every second • 30,000 long-form posts are added every week • You can increase your profile views 14x just by adding a picture Source
  3. 3. Why Use LinkedIn? • To help with employment: find a job/fill a job • Find new customers • Stay up to date in your industry • Every company needs a brand ambassador • Show off yourself and your business
  4. 4. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  5. 5. Profession al head shot Searchable headline that shows what you do • Click to expand • Use work email as primary and personal email as secondary • Add up to 3 websites (can link to different pages on company website) Shorten personal URL
  6. 6. • Your chance to showcase yourself/comp any • Know Your Audience • Take advantage of the allotted space • Explain/tell stories that you can’t convey in a resume • Use keywords people are searching for Additional Resource: How To Write The Perfect LinkedIn Summary Summary
  7. 7. Make sure to select company page when adding jobs Add an explanation/descripti on Add past jobs too Tip: Make sure the jobs you have on LinkedIn match your resume
  8. 8. Honors and Awards Use this section to showcase any awards or achievements you have earned. If this does not apply to you leave it blank
  9. 9. Volunteer Experience • Provide your volunteer experience, charity work, or any causes you support • If don’t have anything for this section, Go Volunteer!
  10. 10. Organizations • Include any organizations/clu bs you have been a part of • If you are looking for an organization to be a part of: look into your local Chamber of Commerce or Eventbrite for groups/meetups • Add all 50 skills • Use terms you want to be searched for • Other members can endorse you for those skills Skills
  11. 11. Select your school’s official page Add relevant courses GPA: 3.5 and above- Yes Under 3.5- Optional Add any additional schools you have attended Add certifications if applicable
  12. 12. Recommendations • General rule: give 2 and you will probably get 1 back • NEVER ask to be recommended – it looks unprofessional • Recommendations you give others will be on their profile – giving you a chance to be seen by prospective clients/employers/networ king individuals Shows all recommendati ons you have received/given
  13. 13. Company LinkedIn Pages
  14. 14. Company Pages How to set up: Interests> Companies> Create You need an email address that matches your domain Blogs and Presentations: Add blogs and SlideShare presentations to personal page – Share them as updates on company page
  15. 15. Insert Logo Here 100 x 60 pixels Share blogs, news, pictures, videos etc. with followers Include a thorough company description Company Image 646 x 220 pixels How to edit company page
  16. 16. The Back End Of Editing Recent updates will populate here Fill in the blanks in the back end
  17. 17. Interacting on LinkedIn
  18. 18. Interacting Groups • Find out what groups your network/target audience is in • Choose what groups show on your profile • Participate in discussions Sharing Updates • Share updates from your company page • Interact with other peoples updates
  19. 19. Growing Your Connections • After you collect someone’s business card connect with them on LinkedIn • Always send a personal message when requesting a connection • Import contacts from your email – Be careful not to send to whole email list • Import an already existing email list • Don’t spam someone with a sales pitch as soon as they accept your connection request • You can export a list of your connections emails if you need to email them outside of LinkedIn
  20. 20. Additional Resources Canva: Create graphics Free Stock Images: Never use Google Images! Bitly: Shorten URLs and track traffic
  21. 21. ABOUT DESIGN & PROMOTE • For more than 8 years we have been creating engine optimized websites that convert more visitors into customers. • When you work with us, you work with a team of experts in graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and social media. • View our portfolio here.
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