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Building Backlinks


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Part of search engine optimization is building backlinks! We share how you can build your website’s credibility and increase rankings through gaining backlinks.

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Building Backlinks

  2. 2. o Finding the right keywords that your customers are searching for o Inserting those keywords into the site content o Building links back to your site What is SEO
  3. 3. o A link to your website from another website that you can click. ● Do follow/no follow ● Structure of a backlink ● <a href=“”>Search</a> • destination anchor What is a backlink?
  4. 4. o A vote or citation in Google’s eyes o Backlinks to your site show trust o All things being equal the site with the most backlinks wins. (is #1 in Google) Why are Backlinks Important
  5. 5. o Link Juice = Authority in Google o Authority flows and drains out through links o Pages with many links have less authority o Links from pages filled with links are less powerful ● Look for links on Pages without other links ● Link from your own site sparingly to industry relevant sites and pages What is Link Juice?
  6. 6. o Google Webmaster Tools o Majestic SEO How To Check backlinks
  7. 7. ● Links that have been built by automated tools or the kinds of links that have been in the past ◦ Thousands of blog comments ◦ Forum signature links, links in forum articles are fine ◦ Footer links ● Links with overly optimized anchor text ◦ Keyword anchor text should be varied and <5% What is a Bad Backlink?
  8. 8. ◦ Completely un-related sites ◦ Thousands of blog comments built with tools ◦ Forum signature links, links in forum articles are fine ◦ Footer links Places not to put backlinks
  9. 9. How to Build Backlinks
  10. 10. o Anchor text ● Naked and neutral anchor text ◦ “click here” ● Build mostly branded anchor text links ◦ i.e. “Skyline Exhibits” “ ● Use occasional (<5%) varied keyword anchor text ◦ i.e. “Trade Show Displays” “Trade show exhibit rentals” Types of Backlinks
  11. 11. o Blog comments o Directories o Guest posting o Social media o Develop banner to put on partners like better business bureau or AVVO o Create whitepaper, graphics or tools and give code to add to other sites. o Hope people will steal your great content Places to put backlinks
  12. 12. Comments
  13. 13. o Search in google ● “keyword” blog ● “keyword” comment ● “keyword” comments ● Search tools lets you find recently posted content as well Finding places to comment
  14. 14. o Go back to majestic SEO to look at trust flow for each site. o Evaluate the page and the current comments How to find places to put a backlink
  15. 15. o Goal is to get comment approved o Don’t sell in the comment o Read or at least thoroughly skim the article and make a good comment that adds to the discussion or page. o There are a lot of comment robots so you must stand out as a real person. ● Make a comment that explicitly references the article content ● Argue with the author on a point in the article Commenting Etiquette
  16. 16. Directories
  17. 17. o Do a Google search ● Find directories that are industry specific ◦ “industry” “add a listing” ◦ “Naperville” “add a listing” ● Local directories ● Web + SEO directories How to Find Directories
  18. 18. o o o o Best Local Directories o o o o
  19. 19. o o o o Best Web Directories o o o o
  20. 20. Design & Promote Directories • • • • • • • • • • •
  21. 21. o Category pages do rank o Make sure to clean up yelp listings o Get duplicate listings deleted Yelp
  22. 22. Social
  23. 23. o Mostly no-follow but still worth including ● Make sure to include a link to your site in social media posts o LinkedIn is the exception o Traffic still helps rankings o Exposure may bring natural backlinks Social link power
  24. 24. Links in LinkedIn
  25. 25. o Links in page descriptions are do-follow o Links in comments are no-follow o Add links to your existing pages Meetup
  26. 26. Guest Posting
  27. 27. o Searching for guest post pages + your industry ● “write for us” “chiropractor” /”submit a guest post” o Most places then have guidelines for content and links o After Google updates places only accept really good original content. Finding Opportunities
  28. 28. Networking
  29. 29. o Sponsorships o Libraries o Groups o Chamber o News Stories o Awards Networking to Get Backlinks
  30. 30. CONTACT 1952 McDowell Road Suite 100 Naperville, IL 60653 Our Seminars