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2. Communication through good information design

Paul Atkins
Design and the Digital World - Session 3

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2. Communication through good information design

  1. 1. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Communication through good information design Paul Atkins Creative and Print Services Loughborough University
  2. 2. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Introduction • Did you know that we remember 80% of what we see, yet only 20% of what we read?
  3. 3. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Introduction • The power of visual communication is hard to ignore. A cookbook is a great example of communication design. Old school cookbook Newer cookbook
  4. 4. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld The title • Your title needs to be interesting. • It needs to sell your work. • It needs to be short. • It must be understood… …it might be the only thing that’s read!
  5. 5. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld The title • TITLE A Fourteen steps to creating an infographic for university researchers. • TITLE B Infographic creation for researchers
  6. 6. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Content • First you need the right content. • Target your audience with short, punchy and interesting facts. • Let images and data tell a story, take the reader on a journey. • Plan it out!
  7. 7. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Content • How much data do you have? • What elements do you want to use? • Who are you trying to reach? • What is the point of your infographic? • Brainstorming can help!
  8. 8. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Design • Simple information helps understanding. Show it rather than write it. • Consistency ‘and’ or ‘&’… …its about attention to detail! • Limit your fonts. • Colour – less is more.
  9. 9. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Design • Don’t neglect white space. • Ensure it is visually appealing. - Stick to one style for images/graphics. • Great stats and data are vital. • Establish a hierarchy, connect the information and give a flow.
  10. 10. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Design • Consider your content. Is it good or bad?
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  17. 17. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld
  18. 18. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld • Test it! Ask friends and family to give you feedback. • There’s some great examples online. • Remember – good design takes time.
  19. 19. @DesDigitalWorld #designandthedigitalworld Thank you for listening Any questions?